Casa Pepe Puebla - Boutique Hostel in a 17th-century Colonial Mansion

Casa Pepe Puebla – Boutique Hostel in a 17th-century Colonial Mansion

Welcome to Casa Pepe, your absolute best hostel in Puebla, Mexico. After establishing Casa Pepe in Mexico City, the owners decided to start a 2nd hostel adventure in Puebla. And let us start by telling you, they made this one even better! We have visited and brought back photos and our first-hand experience.

The infobox on Casa Pepe Puebla ⭐

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No need to look any further into hostel options in Puebla, as this hostel has everything you wish for. And more. Our close friend Abigail visit Casa Pepe in Puebla and brought back photos, her first-hand experience and a bunch of reason why you will love this place, too.

Casa Pepe in Puebla is the younger sister-hostel of Casa Pepe CDMX, one of the coolest hostels in Mexico City.

Check out all the absolute best hostels in Mexico – the entire Country, including all the major destinations. We even created a map for you. This guide will help you to plan your trip and find the absolute coolest and safest hostels.

Casa Pepe Puebla - Boutique Hostel in a 17th-century Colonial Mansion

Travellers enjoying the Boutique Hostel Building of Casa Pepe Puebla

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Casa Pepe is a 5 Star Hostel in Puebla because…

It’s not your typical hostel. As every 5 Star Hostel in the world, this one is unique yet again. Walk with us through the restored 17th-century colonial mansion.

1. Smooth Check-In 24 hours before

Do you remember those times at the check in where you feel completely done after your [insert all things that make you tired when traveling, example: long bus ride]? You have zero energy to smile to the host of the hostel while he or she takes too much time for you to check in?

Say goodbye to that now.

Casa Pepe Puebla has THE best solution. Check in is done by the guest itself around 24 hours before entering the hostel. You may also check out all hostel information beforehand as well, in case you already expect that the level of tiredness at check in doesn’t allow you to listen or smile to the host.

Check-In? Ready and done.

After you smooth check-in, and after you took some time to look around (great entrance!) you will be able to install yourself in your room. Casa Pepe has several room options, all suited to the needs of the traveler at hand. At the moment of writing, Casa Pepe Puebla has just opened its doors and all is neat and feels ‘so fresh and so clean’. In the (unlikely) occasion that you are not satisfied with your stay, one of the hosts will be 24 (!) hours at your disposal to answer your questions in the best way possible. Yes to no curfews.

There are also a couple of touch screen displays where the guest itself can find information on the hostel and the neighborhood. Super convenient for the moments the hosts are not available.


Casa Pepe Puebla - Boutique Hostel in a 17th-century Colonial Mansion The interior at Casa Pepe in Puebla

2. High-Quality Dorms

Now, a little more about the rooms

The website itself says that “Casa Pepe offers an alternative stay adapted to the travelers looking to live unique experiences. You will have incredible rooms. Focused on showing the Mexican identity in the best way, making you feel at home

We can second that!

The (mixed or female) dorm rooms have two-level bunk beds, air conditioning, individual reading light, USB connection, black-out curtains, mini security locker, a bathroom (with shampoo and conditioner!) and individual lockers inside the room. Now, travelers: can we ever wish for more? The only thing that perhaps needs more improvement is that only the reception has access to the air conditioning remote control.

As every experienced traveler knows, this is most likely to make sure the Air Con is not running 24/7 on 14 degrees. Also, arguing with your fellow dorm-mates about the room temperature is a serious mood-killer.

Just ask the reception in case there is something wrong with the AC. Simple, really.

On that note, we wrote a fun guide on how to the WORST Hostel guest ever. We have also compiled a bunch of the best tips to make friends at hostels.

Dorms with Lockers at Casa Pepe in Puebla
Dorms with Lockers at Casa Pepe in Puebla

Good to know: Not all dorms do have a window. Personally, we prefer having a window in the dorm room. Please ask the reception for a dorm room with a window. Even better, mention this in your reservation.

The dorm rooms are located on the first floor, where all the fun stuff happens (duh!).

Biggest plus: you don’t have to carry your backpack upstairs.

Casa Puebla offers the following room types:

  • Standard Double Room with Two Double Beds
  • Superior Room with Two Queen Beds
  • Quadruple Room (2 bunk beds and 1 queen bed)
  • King Room
  • Junior Suite
  • 8-Bed Female Dormitory Room
  • 6-Bed Dormitory Mixed

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One of the dorms at Casa Pepe Puebla

3. Common Area and Faaaast Wi-Fi

The dorm rooms are next to an open spacious high ceilings, colorful square with its perfect comfy sofas to chill with your (new) friends, hang out or work. The Wi-Fi speed is great, unlike some other hostel spots in Mexico with poor internet connection. Yes, first-world problems, but internet can be essential. Casa Pepe Puebla therefore is a great spot for the digital nomads.

This hostel in general more for Digital Nomads and Female Solo-Travellers.

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Although the hostel can feel quite colonial and big, you will easily find your way around. The signs at the entrance will guide you to the breakfast room, restaurant and bar, the different dorms, and finally the game and TV room. The restaurant is called “La Cósmica Pulquería restauran”.

Game room? Yes, game room! Did I already tell you that Casa Pepe Puebla offers free coffee and filtered water to its (dorm room) guests?

This definitely makes Casa Pepe stand out from other hostels #hostelvibes.

There is also a weekly schedule showing all great and fun activities throughout the week. Definitely try out the daily walking tours as well as the 50 pesos happy hours! And if this isn’t enough yet, you can join the Casa Pepe Puebla WhatsApp group, and you will have all info at your fingertips.

Coolest Hostels in Puebla? no doubt: Casa Pepe Digital Nomads at work at Casa Pepe in Puebla Hostel

4. Food, Food, and Food

For our sleepy travelers: the daily walking tour starts around 10:30 AM.

Want to get a bite in before? You are then welcome at the bar and restaurant for (a premium) breakfast before that time. Casa Pepe Puebla will make sure you will not leave the hostel hungry. They offer a great variety of food which is a combination between Western and Mexican food. In the evening the restaurant is open for an Asian fusion dinner which will not disappoint. The same goes for the hospitality of the chef, who comes by your table to check if everything is ok. Great service!

This is very unusual for a hostel, isn’t it?!

Anyone up for Power Hour? Yummy Food

There are not a lot of hostels that offer a restaurant, and certainly not one with great food and is still open when you check in after your long travels. One thing that we as travelers don’t appreciate is going into town to find a decent restaurant after our long travel. The thought of that, alone, makes us tired.

Good to keep in mind is that this hostel doesn’t have a kitchen. For food, you are either dependent on the in-house restaurant or you need to go out for dinner.

A kitchen is usually super useful. Yet, the restaurants are typically so affordable, it’s not worth it to cook your own meals.

Building of Casa Pepe Puebla

5. Free Walking Tour and Secrets

Joining the walking tour, it will walk you through the Bohemian and picturesque alleys that surround Casa Pepe Puebla. You will walk pass the cathedral (considered a World Heritage Site!), stroll around Playa Zocalo, visit the El Parian and the artist neighborhood Barrio del Artista. I’ve heard travelers skip Puebla as they have this misconception it is boring, but this ‘city of angels’ is definitely worth a 2 days visit.

Free Walking tour in Puebla - ready to discover secrets?

Don’t forget to add the Paseje Historico del 5 de Mayo to your to-do list, which is known as the secret tunnels of Puebla. The tunnel was only discovered in 2015, and it is said it was used by the Mexican Army against the French invasion of 1862. The tunnel will eventually lead you to a spectacular viewing point over the city, which you don’t want to miss. And if you still have some time left, then the Biblioteca Palafoxiana is a place to wander into history.

Both Casa Pepe Puebla as the city of Puebla will not disappoint. Probably the owners of the hostel are very much aware of this too. They’ve put the checkout time at 12, so you have plenty of time to sleep in or discover more of the town in the morning.

After enjoying one of the best hostels in Mexico, the country has so many more things to offer. Once again, we did the legwork for you.

Enjoy the 5 Star Hostels,

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Abigail from Hostelgeeks Our friend Abigail has submitted this article. We met back in 2017 in Bali. Abigail is an avid traveler, always looking for unique hostels and experiences. She loves yoga, travel, and dancing.

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