How to book the 5 Star Hostels? The clever way!

We are Hostelgeeks, and we love to introduce you to the world’s greatest Hostels: The 5 Star Hostels.

While we offer free and expert advice on what we believe are the greatest and most ecologically friendly hostels on planet earth we do not offer any booking services via our site. There’s a reason for this.

How to book the 5 Star Hostels?

Whilst many travelers already have their preferred way to book accommodation, our clear recommendation is to always book via the official website of the hostel.

The main reason is very simple:

You will find the lowest price on the official website of the hostel!

At the end of every article about a hostel, we include further information and links. This way you can check out recent social media updates of the hostels and more.

We include following links:

  • Official website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • GooglePlus

Booking 5 Star Hostels

You can just pick your hostel through this map. If you fall in love with the accommodation, well, then go for it. Now you know how to book the 5 Star Hostels in the cheapest way possible.

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Plus: 5%-10% discounts

Yet again, we do not offer any booking service. Each hostel’s individual website is indeed the cheapest place to book, BUT we still have a small hack for you. In our eBook to the Greatest Hostels of Europe we have negotiated 5 and 10% discounts for our readers to many of the world’s 5 Star Hostels – it is actually ridiculous how much money you can save!

FYI The eBook comes with a money-back-guarantee. No questions asked!

Are you staying at the #5StarHostels?

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Please remember to tag as well the hostel itself and the hashtag #5StarHostels.

Any questions?

We know the world of hosteling can be surprisingly complex. This is why we created a full guide to hostels where we cover many topics already. As for the 5 Star Hostels, here you find the full definition of a 5 Star Hostel.

One very interesting post for you could be the “14 ridiculously easy Hacks for Booking Hostel“.

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