5 BEST Party Hostels in Bangkok – Experience Nightlife in Khao San Road

6 BEST Party Hostels in Bangkok - Experience Nightlife in Khao San Road

You are clearly looking for the absolutel best party hostels in Bangkok. You have find the proper guide, highlighting the good, the bad, and obviously crazy part with all fun backpacker party hostels the Thai capital has to offer. We also wrote a detailed guide on the Best Hostels in Bangkok, as well as the full guide of the Best Party Hostels in Thailand

6 COOLEST Party Hostels? Your shortcut:

  1. Mad Monkey Hostel Bangkok
  2. Back Home Backpackers
  3. Bodega Bangkok Hostel
  4. Holy Sheet Hostel
  5. Here Hostel Bangkok

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Coolest party hostels in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is an electrifying city and is guaranteed to leave an imprint on your travel memoir. It’s also a huge city, so knowing where to go can be difficult. The last thing you want is to pull up to your hostel and find yourself in the middle of a quiet suburb with no atmosphere.

When you’re about to embark on your South East Asian adventure, there’s a good chance Bangkok will be your first destination. A hybrid where modern development meets tradition, Bangkok serves up a cultivating taste of market vendors, street food, temples, and nightlife.

If you’re looking to get amongst this sociable city, meet new people, and understand the true meaning behind ‘One Night in Bangkok’, then keep reading. We’re here to tell you our favorite party hostels in Bangkok so you can worry less about where to stay, and more about what to drink.

As they say, “one night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster”.

What we cover in this article?

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Quick Introduction to Bangkok

Average price for a bed: The hostel rates will vary depending on location, amenities, and time of year. On average, the price of a hostel in Bangkok is $5 to $32 per night.

Prices always depend on season and holidays. Please always check exact rates on Hostelz.com, Hostelworld.com or Booking.com.

Hostel Location: Be sure to research the location of hostels compared to major attractions and areas in the city. The best nightlife in Bangkok tends to be found in Khao San Road and Sukhumvit Soi 11, where it is full of bars and nightclubs, restaurants, and other venues open all through the night. We talk about party and nightlife in Bangkok here. Check our map with all hostels here.

Tourism Tax: All hostels within the city limits of Bangkok are required to have visitors pay a Tourism Tax. The tax is around $8.

Safety: There is no doubt that Bangkok is a relatively safe place for travelers in general. In any major city, you should keep your wits about you to avoid being taken advantage of. When it comes to assault or physical abuse, this isn’t very common at all. Keep in mind, when traveling, it is important to be smart; trust your gut, be aware of your surroundings and if something seems off, it probably is.

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🔥 New to Hostels? Read our guide to staying in a Hostel for the First Time here. We especially recommend reading:

🥳 Best Party Hostel:Mad Monkey Hostel
🤑 Cheapest Party Hostel:Bodega Bangkok Hostel
🍺 For Backpacker Parties:Back Home Backpackers
🦸‍♂️ For Solo-Traveller:Bodega Bangkok Hostel
📍 Top Location:Holy Sheet
👫 For Socializing:Here Hostel Bangkok

Coolest Party Hostels in Bangkok

Time to jump straight into our top recommendations for places to stay during your exploration of Bangkok nightlife. We’ve ranked the top 6 party hostels in town based on their location, cleanliness, and of course, sociability.

1. Mad Monkey Party

Mad Monkey brings the party to all of its locations across South East Asia, especially Bangkok. Located less than a 10-minute walk from Khao San Road, Mad Monkey is a vibrant hostel with a swimming pool, bar, and restaurant. 

The atmosphere here doesn’t allow for much resting, but when you do get the chance, you can choose between a private room or a 4-person dorm. Prices start from $9/night for a dorm bed and $32/night for a private double. The rooms are modern and clean, plus there are plenty of social spaces around the hostel to meet new people. 

Do Bangkok the ‘Mad Monkey Way’ and join the Mad Monkey pub crawl and pool party during your stay. There are also market tours, cooking classes, and free city tours.

Mad Monkey is guaranteed to instill some fun into your stay. Their team of friendly staff creates a lively atmosphere and will make sure that you leave with great memories, new friends, and probably a headache for your bus journey out of Bangkok! 

Mad Monkey ticks all the boxes for a fun yet comfortable stay. We know you’ll make the most of Bangkok nightlife during your time here, and that’s why it ranks top for party hostels in Bangkok.

Book Mad Monkey here

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Pool party at Mad Monkey Bangkok Thailand

Have fun at Mad Monkey Bangkok

2. Back Home Backpackers

Back Home Backpackers is an Aussie-run hostel just a few streets away from Khao San Road. With a cool bar, chilled spaces, and nightly entertainment, you’re guaranteed to have some fun during your stay. 

Once you’ve settled into your dorm (beds start at $7), make your way to the bar to enjoy a six-hour happy ‘hour’ and make the most of cheap buckets and bar games, including hula hoops, art supplies, and more. Back Home Backpackers also hosts trivia nights, cocktail extravaganzas, and a movie night for hangover days.

Dorms at Back Home Backpackers are clean and comfortable. Expect thick mattresses, AC, and plenty of space. If you’re wanting to meet new people, party on Khao San Road, and explore all Bangkok has to offer, then Back Home Backpackers has one of the best party in Bangkok.

Book Back Home Backpackers here

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Night Life at Back Home Backpackers

Back Home Backpackers

3. Bodega Bangkok Hostel

Bodega Bangkok Party Hostel is another one of our favorite party hostels in Bangkok. Bodega pushes out good vibes, with a bar & chill lounge, outdoor terrace, and a swimming pool. 

Bodega Bangkok is quite a distance from Khao San Road but close to some amazing Bangkok nightlife haunts. Soi Cowboy is just a five-minute walk (cue The Hangover) and if you’re looking for a street of rooftop bars and speakeasies, you’re just a 15-minute stroll from Soi 11 where you’ll find them.

Bodega Bangkok Social Hostel is really sociable and a great place for solo backpackers in Bangkok to meet new people. It also offers an alternative option to Bangkok nightlife, which can be particularly appealing to travelers who are returning to Bangkok and looking for an alternative to Khao San Road. 

After sightseeing in the morning, enjoy a chilled afternoon in the pool before heading to the hostel bar where you can challenge the friendly staff at bar games and beer pong. Choose from a choice of dorms for only $5 or upgrade to a private room with an ensuite. 

Book Bodega Bangkok Hostel here

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Dorm room for backpacker at Bodega Bangkok Social Hostel

Bodega Bangkok Social Hostel

4. Holy Sheet

Although Holy Sheet claims not to be a party hostel, we think it deserves a spot on our list. Holy Sheet is a very sociable hostel, with friendly staff and weekly activities to encourage you to interact with fellow backpackers in Bangkok. 

Holy Sheet is a popular choice for travelers looking to explore Bangkok nightlife outside of Khao San Road. The staff are really helpful and push for guests to explore the more authentic side of Bangkok, away from typical tourist traps. 

Location is a big plus of Holy Sheet. Located in Sukhumvit, known as one of Bangkok’s safest and cleanest areas, Holy Sheet is close to a choice of bars, street food stalls, and nightclubs. 

What’s more, you’ll be just 5-minutes from BTS Skytrain station. Skytrain 1 will take you from the hostel to a Soi 11 for happy hour drinks and rooftop views. 

When you arrive back at Holy Sheet after a few too many cocktails, snack on their 24hr breakfast before you stumble to bed. Room choices include a mixed 10-bed dorm, a female-only 4-bed dorm, and three types of private rooms. Prices start from $6.75. 

Book Holy Sheet here

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Night party at HOLY SHEET Hostel

Have fun at HOLY SHEET Hostel

5. Here Hostel Bangkok

Here Hostel is the final pick of our top-rated party hostels in Bangkok. Located a few minutes from Khao San Road, you are guaranteed to socialize with fellow partygoers and make the most of Bangkok nightlife for backpackers. 

Here Hostel’s trendy interior is complemented by a swimming pool and deck area, the perfect spot to cool down after sightseeing across the city. There’s a great vibe bouncing from one outside space to the next, where guests can enjoy evening entertainment, including live music. 

Prices start from $13/night for a dorm bed up to $38/night for a private en-suite room. Here Hostel also provides a shared kitchen for those craving to cook and a hostel bar serving up pre-drinks before you hit Khao San Road. 

Book Here Hostel Bangkok here

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Pool party with friends at Here Hostel Bangkok

Here Hostel Bangkok pool area

More Hostels worth a mention

Yes, we know that all you wanted are the best parties in Thailand capital.

Backpacking and partying in Bangkok are easier because of the list we have provided you. They are the best of the best party hostels in Bangkok at least, if not Thailand. Yet, if you are still in search of another party hostel Bangkok has to offer, we got you. 

NapPark Hostel @ Khao San 

An excellent location in the heart of Bangkok makes this newly opened hostel a great choice. There are a number of interesting tourist attractions nearby, such as the Grand Palace, Khao San Road, the Temple of Dawn, Wat Pho, as well as Bangkok’s famous nightlife and shopping districts.

The Nap Park hostel was specifically designed for backpackers who were wishing to experience a true Thai home styled with bright colors, a friendly attitude, and a fun and sociable atmosphere influenced by Thai culture. It also has key card access for your security. They don’t have a free breakfast but you can surely order from them if you want to have breakfast in bed. 

The accommodation is only two blocks away from the famous Khao San Road. Yes, this road with ping-pong shows and crazy nightlife. NapPark has the best natural social vibe, incredible comfort, and an excellent location. It is also a 15-minute drive to Playground Hostel Bangkok.

Book NapPark Hostel @ Khaosan Road here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld | Hostelz.com

NapPark Hostel @ Khao San 

Water gun party at NapPark Hostel

BED STATION Hostel Khaosan

BED STATION Hostel Khaosan is the latest addition to the renowned Bed Station chain, making its mark on the bustling Khao San Road. Known for its exceptional standards set by its predecessors, this hostel upholds the tradition with elegant decor and unmatched customer service. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an experience tailored for those looking to dive into the social whirlpool of Bangkok. With its prime location, guests are at the doorstep of the city’s most vibrant nightlife and cultural sights.

One of the standout features of BED STATION Hostel Khaosan is its remarkable pool area, touted as one of the best along Khao San Road. This isn’t just any pool; it’s a daily party hub and a serene oasis rolled into one, allowing guests to either dial up the fun with fellow travelers or relax after a day filled with exploring Bangkok’s treasures. Adding to the leisure facilities, the hostel offers a free-to-use pool table and gym, ensuring that guests have plenty of options to unwind or stay active during their stay.

Not to be overlooked, BED STATION Hostel Khaosan houses the Mao Mind Bar, a cozy spot within the hostel where guests can enjoy a wide range of drinks any time of the day. Whether you’re looking to pre-game before a night out on Khao San Road or seeking a laid-back evening with new friends, the bar caters to all vibes. It’s this combination of top-notch amenities and a welcoming atmosphere that sets BED STATION Hostel Khaosan apart as a premier choice for travelers in search of the best party hostel experience in Bangkok.

Book BED STATION Hostel Khaosan here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld | Hostelz.com

BED STATION Hostel Khaosan Pool and Bar

BED STATION Hostel Khaosan Bar

Bangkok Nightlife Hot Spots

Looking for the best party place in Bangkok? Listed below are the most popular places if you are looking for where to party in Bangkok. Make sure you also check our map at the end. Here we placed all hostels, neighborhoods and our insider tips in one.

Khao San Road

When listening to any stories from a wild night in Bangkok, there’s a good chance that it started on Khao San Road. Here, travelers from all over the world spill out onto the streets where bars line either side and bright lights cast a shadow over the street.

If you’re heading to Khao San Road now, expect to hang out with a more mixed crowd between locals and travelers. You will still be heckled down the street with promo tactics to entice you with drinks deals and balloons, but street-facing bars are ordered to shut at midnight. That’s a cue for the indoor clubs to lower their music, but the party resumes indoors once the midnight kerfuffle passes through.

Read: the best hostels in Bangkok near Khao San Road

Sukhumvit Soi 11

Soi 11 is another Bangkok nightlife hot spot. Expect a more sophisticated scene than backpackers downing cocktail buckets, but you’re still in for a great party.

Soi 11 brings a choice of rooftop bars, sports bars, and nightclubs. You can soak up some of the best views of the city whilst listening to DJs and drinking cocktails.

If you want to treat yourself while in Asia’s City of Angels, get dressed up and make your way to Above Eleven. Thirty-three floors high, you can party above Bangkok’s skyline and enjoy fancy cocktails, amazing views, and maybe even a night of salsa if you’re lucky.

NOTE TO SELF: flip flops are not encouraged (or even allowed) in most rooftop and cocktail bars in Soi 11, so put on some sneakers to avoid being denied entry.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, enjoy some posh pub grub at Oskar Bistro before heading over to Havana Social speakeasy. There’s a choice of sports bars along the way to chill, play some pool, and take in all Bangkok has to offer.

To take your night up a notch and hop from nightclub to nightclub on Soi 11.

Coolest party in Bangkok Thailand

Safety in the City

In general, Bangkok is a relatively safe place for travelers. Like any major city, you need to keep your wits about you to avoid being taken advantage of by opportunists. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind during your stay:

Get a local sim card

Nowadays, WiFi is accessible nearly everywhere you go. But it’s always a good idea for one person in your group to have a Thai sim card so that you have a point of contact for the whole duration of your stay. Sim cards are really cheap and can be bought when you arrive at either of Bangkok’s international airports.

What’s more, there are a lot more services available via apps now that could help your stay (tuk-tuks, food delivery). Local apps sometimes require a local phone number to register, so there are additional benefits to having one to hand.

Plan your transport

Bangkok is an accessible city. There is a reliable BTS Skytrain service that runs via 52 stations across Bangkok and plenty of taxis/tuk-tuks/motos to get you from A to B.

When traveling at night time, we recommend downloading ‘Grab’ app. This is essentially the Uber of South East Asia. With Grab, you can book tuk-tuk and rickshaws and pay via cash or link a card payment.

Grab is a safe way to travel with set rates so you don’t need to worry about being ripped off.

Look after yourself

This goes without saying for every traveler, but there’s no harm in reminding ourselves… Especially when alcohol is involved. Always remember to:

  • Let people know where you’re going: Whether you’re a solo traveler or in a group, let someone at your hostel know where you’re planning to go.
  • Avoid going out alone: We understand that sometimes this is necessary, or maybe you’re a solo traveler and want to keep it that way. But, when it comes to partying in a big city, it’s safer to go out in a group.
  • Be aware of what’s going on around you: No matter where we are in the world, travelers become the obvious target of crime, including petty theft and drink spiking. The latter is particularly relevant when going out at night, so keep your drinks covered and in your sight.

Remember, you can still have fun despite taking precautions. Look after yourself when exploring Bangkok nightlife and you’re guaranteed an even better experience.

Party Hostel in Bangkok

Time to Party in Bangkok

We’re ready for all Bangkok nightlife has to offer and we hope you are too!

This list of our top party hostels in Bangkok combines our favorite hostels for a fun and sociable stay. Get ready to meet new people, enjoy lots of cheap drinks, and party hard with like-minded backpackers in Bangkok.

What about the cheapest hostels in Bangkok?

Of course, there are always cheap hostels.

When you are traveling on a shoe-string budget and you want to save every dollar, there are ways to find the cheapest places in Bangkok.

  1. Open Hostelz.com with a full list of all hostels in Bangkok
  2. add your dates
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Simple as that.

Hostelz.com is a price comparison site for hostels. They list every single one in the world and tell you exactly which website is cheaper to use.

Our Tip: Check exactly what is included, and what is excluded. Check as well the location. A further location might mean more money for transport.

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How to book?

The two most popular booking platforms are Booking.com and Hostelworld.com. They list both numerous hostels and cheap accommodations. We wrote here a detailed guide on the best booking sites for hostels.

The coolest App for Hostels comes as well from Hostelworld. It comes with super cool features like you can contact your hostel mates beforehand and make plans together.

Read: Hostelworld App in review

All that being said, we highly recommend checking out Hostelz.com before making your final reservation. It is a hostel price comparison. Add your destination and dates, and it will tell you the cheapest places to book your hostel.

We wrote a guide with our 15 best tips to book hostels.

Booking Hostels

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Our Favorite Hostels in Bangkok put on a map + sights

Let us have a look at the map. As promised, below, we list all party hostels and the best hostels in Bangkok on a map.

Personally, we love to plan our trips with a map having all sights and potential hostels on it. We thought this map will help you with planning your trip too.

We’ve marked them as follows:

  • TOP Sights: Blue
  • Fun things to do in Bangkok: Green
  • More EPIC Hostels: Orange
  • Party Hostels: Purple
  • Best Bangkok Hostels: Pink

(View full sized map here)

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Our Insider Tips

As mentioned in the beginning, this guide is an extension of our article “best hostels in Bangkok“. Here we share the absolute best ones:

Your Shortcut:

  1. Once Again Hostel – top pick for solo travelers & couples
  2. Here Hostel Bangkok – great for female solo travellers
  3. Barn & Bed Hostel – ideal for urban explorers

In this article, we go more into detail about


What are the best party hostels in Bangkok?

What is the best cheap party hostels in Bangkok?

The cheapest party hostel in Bangkok is Bodega Bangkok Hostel.

How much do party hostels in Bangkok cost?

The hostel rates will vary depending on location, amenities, and time of year. On average, the price of a hostel in Bangkok is $5 to $32 per night.

Are party hostels in Bangkok safe?

There is no doubt that Bangkok is a relatively safe place for travelers in general. In any major city, you should keep your wits about you to avoid being taken advantage of. Make sure you stay safe and read our Safety tips.

Alright, this is your answer to where to stay in Bangkok for nightlife and party.

For more guides throughout Thailand:

And more party hostels in Thailand:

You can find all our new and updated articles for Best Hostels in here.

We also created a huge guide to hostels. Here we cover how to build lifetime friendships in hostels, the perfect packing list and more.

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CLOSED: Slumber Party Hostel & Bar Bangkok

Update: This hostel has permanently closed. We’ve kept this content here for your information.

Slumber Party Hostel Bangkok is designed to welcome backpackers who are looking for a comfortable place to stay during their backpacking trip to Thailand.

Slumber Party Chiang Mai offers pub crawls, market crawls, waterfall excursions, nightly drinking games, and great food & wine. Then you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for excellent people, pleasant vibes, an excellent social experience, and beds that are better than your own, then you’ve come to the right place. Come experience Thailand with us.

Slumber Party Hostel & Bar Bangkok

Slumber Party Hostel & Bar Bangkok Dorm Room

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