3 Best Hostels in Sarajevo – A Budget Traveller Collection in the Bewitching Balkans

3 Best Hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Balkans of southeastern Europe is becoming more popular as a travel destination, and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the best hostels in Sarajevo.

Not only is Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is also surrounded by the Dinaric Alps which loom gracefully over the city.

Cool fact: There are three languages spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

In this guide we bring you only the coolest hostels in Sarajevo, saving you precious time and energy.

Our favorite hostels in Sarajevo are:

  1. Hostel Balkan Han - best for Solo Travellers
  2. Hostel Franz Ferdinand - best for Female Solo Travellers
  3. The Good Place Hostel - best for Backpackers
  4. Extra: War Hostel - best for a Unique Experience

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We did our best to collect three great hostels to suit a wide range of travellers, whether you love organised activities or prefer to relax; we’ve got you covered.

This guide is perfect for YOU, when you…

  • are tired of crappy hostels!
  • want a social Hostel to actually meet people
  • are happy to spend $1 to $2 more for a much better experience

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What we cover in this article?
  • cheapest hostels in Sarajevo
  • best hostels in Sarajevo for solo travellers
  • fun party hostels in Sarajevo
  • best hostels in Sarajevo for couples
  • discounts and promo codes
  • How to book?
  • all hostel and sights on a map
  • Flights
  • FAQ
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    Quick Introduction to Sarajevo

    Average price for a bed: Hostels in Sarajevo cost 6€ – 11€ per night for a bed in a dorm. A private room starts from 16€ up to 40€ per night. This is a rough average just to give you an idea.

    Prices always depend on season and holidays. Please always check exact rates on Hostelworld.com or Booking.com.

    Check-In and Check Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3pm), while the Check Out time is before 11:00 (11am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

    Up and Coming Hostel: We’d just like to mention a brand new hostel called Hostel Walter Sarajevo here. There aren’t many reviews yet, but it looks like travellers are loving it and we think it had the potential to be a great hostel. We’ll keep our eye on it.

    🎁 New to Hostels? Read our guide to staying in a Hostel for the First Time here. We especially recommend reading:

    The 3 Best Hostels in Sarajevo are …

    Let’s jump right into the coolest hostels in Sarajevo.

    1. Hostel Balkan Han – best for Solo Travellers
    2. Hostel Franz Ferdinand – best for Female Solo Travellers
    3. The Good Place Hostel – best for Backpackers
    4. Extra: War Hostel - best for a Unique Experience

    These are our favorite hostels in Sarajevo. We want to make your life even easier, so we put all accommodations on a map for you. We even added our own tips for favorite restaurants, things to see, and more.

    Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

    🦸 Solo Traveler: Balkan Han Hostel
    🙎‍♀️ best for Female Solo Traveler: Franz Ferdinand Hostel
    🎒 For Backpackers: Balkan Han Hostel
    👩‍❤️‍👨Couple Hostel: Franz Ferdinand Hostel
    👨‍👩‍👦 Family Hostel: Travellers Home Hostel
    👩‍💻 For Digital Nomads: Franz Ferdinand Hostel
    🧘 Cozy Hostel: Hostel Residence

    1. Hostel Balkan Han

    Let’s introduce our top hostel choice by uncovering the meaning of Han. Dating from the Ottoman era, Han means ‘lodging for travelers and their caravans’.

    Simple, but effective. Certainly the best ‘hostel city center’ on offer.

    And Hostel Balkan Han offers a real lodging oasis of peace right in the centre of the city!

    The centrepiece of this place is the green garden area which the staff are particularly proud of.

    “In the natural shade of trees, arranged with chairs, hammocks and benches, it’s a perfect place for relaxing, having coffee, tea or even a BBQ, with possibility of Open Air Cinema!”

    So even though Balkan Han is right on the main street of Titova, it’s possible to enjoy peace and quiet.

    Not only that, but there’s a newly opened stylish bar which works as both a common area and Party Zone!

    Note: You won’t come across crazy parties here, just plenty of social vibes flowing.

    There is not one but two self-service kitchens on the premises, so there shouldn’t be any waiting around to get your food prepared.

    Altogether there are 6 bedrooms here.

    You can either opt for one of the five dorms that come with 7, 8, 9 and 10-beds, or book your stay in the private room.

    Everywhere you go in the hostel there are warm and bright colours decorating the place. We love the homely feeling this brings.

    Location: Right in the middle of the city, just 200 meters from the promenade (Ferhadija street) and all the attractions the city has to offer. There is free parking here.

    This is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo for

    • Solo travellers
    • Backpackers
    Book Hostel Balkan Han here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    Hostel Balkan Han is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Hostel Balkan Han is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Hostel Balkan Han is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    2. Hostel Franz Ferdinand

    Moving on, we want to introduce a stylish boutique hostel with a groovy design we just know you’re going to love.

    Welcome to Hostel Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo Bosnia!

    Walk around the rooms and common areas and spot sepia photographs from the 1800s on walls and ceilings. They add such a cool contrast to the white linen and wooden floors.

    Every night the local drink Rakia is provided with an aim of bringing people together. Don’t worry though, this is not a crazy party hostel!

    Having said that, if after a few drinks you fancy carrying on the night, there is a regular pub crawl to join.

    Let’s show you some more cool reasons to stay:

    • Very strong free WiFi
    • Free breakfast & 24/7 drinking water
    • Free walking tour
    • Weekly indoor parties
    • Strong security & surveillance

    Good to know: Reception is open limited hours so make sure you match this up with your arrival time.

    As there is a balance of shared and private accommodation here, there are a few different traveller types that choose Hostel Franz Ferdinand.

    All rooms come with A/C, big windows and groovy design. There are big lockers in the dorm rooms, too.

    We reckon it’s most suited to couples that enjoy mixing with other backpackers. Some of the private rooms come with an ensuite which is a bonus.

    Female solo travellers that enjoy their own room should consider staying here, too.

    Location: Located right next to the Main Street in Sarajevo, close to all major attractions and great restaurants and bars. Baščaršija, a beautiful part of the old town, is just a few minutes walk away. This is the best old town hostel Sarajevo has to offer.

    This is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo for

    • Female solo travellers
    • Couples
    Book Hostel Franz Ferdinand here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    Hostel Franz Ferdinand is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Hostel Franz Ferdinand, Sarajevo
    Hostel Franz Ferdinand is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    3. The Good Place Hostel

    Welcome to The Good Place Hostel, a vibrant and contemporary haven nestled in the heart of Sarajevo. This brand-new hostel redefines the concept of comfortable and budget-friendly accommodation, providing travelers with an unforgettable experience in one of the most historic and culturally rich cities in the world.

    Conveniently situated on the bustling main pedestrian street, The Good Place Hostel offers a unique vantage point from its closed balcony that overlooks the lively street below. Immerse yourself in the city’s rhythm as you sip your morning coffee and watch the world go by.

    Location couldn’t be more perfect, as The Good Place Hostel is a stone’s throw away from essential amenities. Need to handle some finances? You’ll find three banks just outside the door. Sending postcards to your loved ones? The post office is within arm’s reach. For those looking to exchange currency, two exchange offices are right around the corner. Craving a taste of local cuisine? A variety of bars and a restaurant await your exploration. And for those seeking to immerse themselves in the city’s daily life, a bakery and a city market are mere steps away.

    Book The Good Place Hostel here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    Whether you’re an avid explorer of historical landmarks or someone who seeks the excitement of local markets, this hostel’s strategic location will cater to your every whim. Within a short 10-minute walk, you can discover Sarajevo’s iconic sights and monuments. For the more intrepid travelers, the hostel’s central location also makes it an ideal starting point to venture out to locations beyond the city center.

    The accommodation itself promises a cozy and restful stay. The hostel boasts three thoughtfully designed dorm rooms, each adorned with comfortable beds that guarantee a rejuvenating sleep. Every bed comes equipped with its own personal curtain, ensuring privacy in shared spaces, as well as an individual electric socket and a night lamp for added convenience. With two toilets, two showers, and a communal space for guests to unwind and connect, The Good Place Hostel strives to create an atmosphere of camaraderie among fellow travelers.

    The Good Place Hostel is not just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to Sarajevo’s captivating stories and experiences. Don’t miss the chance to make it your base for discovering the beauty and charm of this remarkable city. Your adventure starts here.

    Location: Within walking distance, you’ll find yourself at the Latin Bridge, Sebilj Fountain, Bascarsija Street, and Sarajevo City Hall, all bearing witness to the city’s rich history. For those interested in delving into the poignant past, Sarajevo War Tunnel is a short distance away. If modern marvels catch your eye, the Avaz Twist Tower is waiting to be explored.

    This is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo for

    • Backpackers
    • Female Solo Travellers
    Book The Good Place Hostel here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    The Good Place Hostel Dorm

    The Good Place Hostel Common Space

    4. War Hostel

    Step into the extraordinary world of War Hostel, located in the heart of Sarajevo, where history comes alive and narratives of survival unfold. As you cross our threshold, you’re not just entering a place to rest; you’re embarking on an immersive journey through time and human experience.

    Distinctive and renowned, War Hostel has garnered international acclaim. With features in prominent publications like the New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera, AJ+, Associated Press, and documentaries, it’s a haven that has piqued the interest of the world. Even celebrities have been drawn to its unique allure, adding to its reputation as a must-visit destination.

    However, before you dive into the experience, heed the bold warning that greets you. War Hostel is no ordinary establishment; it’s an educational haven crafted and curated by actual survivors of the Bosnian War. This hostel stands on the very ground where these survivors weathered the turmoil of the 1992-1995 conflict, including the intense Siege of Sarajevo that spanned 1,425 days and nights. It’s a sanctuary where history isn’t just read in books; it’s a living narrative told by those who endured it.

    Book War Hostel here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Hostelz.com

    War Hostel, Sarajevo Common Space

    The choice before you is clear-cut: if you’re seeking an experience that transcends the conventional, a chance to learn and immerse yourself in history while residing within a time capsule – complete with modern amenities, intriguing war simulations, and unique activities – then this is your haven. But if your desire is for the typical party hostel experience, if you’re more interested in exploring the city’s exterior than delving into the depths of history within these walls, then this place, candidly put, may not align with your expectations.

    What makes War Hostel a magnetic force isn’t just its historical significance, but the authentic learning experience it offers. Step inside, and you’re not just greeted by beds and furnishings; you’re met with the echoes of the past, the resilience of those who lived through it, and the commitment to share those stories. This isn’t about comfort in the traditional sense; it’s about the comfort that arises from understanding, from the deep connection formed between the past and the present.

    The War Hostel experience isn’t something easily forgotten. It’s a tapestry woven with personal stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from the survivors themselves. As you engage with them, their vivid recollections transport you back to a time of strife and strength, where the human spirit persevered in the face of adversity.

    Yet, amidst the historical weight it carries, the hostel also serves as a nexus of human connection. Conversations flow naturally, perspectives expand, and bonds are forged that defy the passage of time. It’s a sanctuary where the threads of past and present intertwine, creating an environment where growth, understanding, and empathy flourish.

    War Hostel stands as a testament to memory, a gateway to knowledge, and an ode to those who’ve overcome. Its unique role as an educational retreat, a living museum, and a bridge between generations is something to be cherished. So, if you’re drawn to the pursuit of wisdom, if you yearn to grasp the stories that shaped a city and its people, then this haven welcomes you. In the heart of Sarajevo, history beckons, and the War Hostel eagerly awaits to share its living legacy with all who seek it.

    This is one of the best Sarajevo hostel for:

    • A Unique Experience
    Book War Hostel here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Hostelz.com

    War Hostel, Sarajevo Dorm

    War Hostel, Sarajevo Living Room

    What about the cheapest hostels in Sarajevo?

    Of course, there are always cheap hostels. But how do you actually find them? When you are traveling on a shoe-string budget and you want to save every dollar, there are ways to find the cheapest places in Sarajevo.

    1. Open Hostelz.com with a full list of all hostels in Sarajevo
    2. add your dates
    3. Order the listings by price

    Simple as that.

    Hostelz.com is a price comparison site for hostels. They list every single one in the world and tells you exactly which website is cheaper to use.

    Another smart Tip: Check what is actually included, and what is excluded. Take a closer look at the location, too. A further location might mean more costs in transport.

    Best Hostels in Sarajevo for Solo Travellers?

    What is seriously the best hostel in Sarajevo for solo-travellers?

    We’re sticking strong with our #1 hostel in this guide, Balkan Han Hostel.

    It really has everything any solo travellers needs and expects: organised activities, great social areas, an onsite bar and big dorm rooms.

    Not only that but it’s slap bang in the middle of the city so getting around is easy. That’s always a weight off if you’re a bit nervous to a new city explore by yourself!

    Book Balkan Han Hostel here

    Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

    Hostel Balkan Han is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Another option for solo guests is Haris Youth Hostel.

    This is one of those all-round comfortable hostels that allows you to relax, meet others or simply do your own thing.

    There is a bar onsite which offers a welcome drink each evening, but there isn’t any force to socialise unless you want to.

    We’d say this is a better choice for older solo travellers and travelling friends.

    Book Haris Youth Hostel here

    Compare prices and read reviews at: Hostelworld

    Haris Youth Hostel is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Party Hostels in Sarajevo

    Looking for a party hostel Sarajevo?

    Over at Hostel Franz Ferdinand you’re very welcome to get the night started before heading into the city.

    The team here offer a regular pub crawl, plus weekly indoor parties that don’t get too out of control.

    Each night the local drink called Rakia is on offer for everyone to try. Once you’ve met some fun people and had a drink or two, we recommend heading out to some local bars to continue the party.

    Book Hostel Franz Ferdinand here

    Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

    Hostel Franz Ferdinand is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Best Hostels in Sarajevo for Couples?

    Alright love birds, we have the perfect option for you which is both slightly posh and affordable.

    We want to introduce Hostel Residence, aka Residence Rooms.

    Would it be enough to tempt you by saying that the double room bathrooms come with a bathtub?! Heck yeah!

    It has a wonderful eloquent vibe, top cleanliness and wonderfully helpful staff that stand out.

    The onsite shared kitchen has everything you need if you want an evening in, and the big living room is quaint and a good setup for meeting other couples or those staying in the mixed dorms.

    Book Hostel Residence here

    Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com

    Residence Rooms is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travellers Home Hostel is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    How to book?

    The most popular booking platforms are Booking.com and Hostelworld.com. On both platforms, your credit card is 100% protected and the booking 100% confirmed.

    We included some handy links to each of the recommended hostel. Just click on the hostel name. The link will lead you to check prices and availability.

    Read: Step-by-Step guide on how to book with Hostelworld

    We recommend booking your hostel as early as possible! All of Sarajevo best hostels are popular; especially in high-season. To make sure you end up in those stylish and good hostels, secure your room/bed as soon as you have your travel dates fix.

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    Our Favorite Hostels in Sarajevo put on a map + sights

    Let us have a look on the map. Below we list all three best Sarajevo hostels on a map.

    Personally, we love to plan our trips with a map having all sights and potential hostels on it. We thought this map will help you with planning your trip too.

    We also included the main tourist attractions you’ve to know in this list:

    • Baščaršija
    • Sarajevo Tunnel
    • Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
    • Sebilj
    • Latin Bridge
    • Sacred Heart Cathedral
    • The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (learn about the Sarajevo war)

    Tip: Mostar is a two hour drive from Sarajevo and well worth a visit to see the Old Town and medieval arched bridge.

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    Alright, you should have found your accommodation already. Below we list all the frequently asked questions. Have a look.

    More guides

    Alright, this is your answer to where to stay in Sarajevo.

    We did the leg work for you and bring you more hostel guides to destinations in the Balkans:

    You can find all our new and updates articles for Best Hostels in here.

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    Over to you

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    A complete guide and overview to the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for solo travellers & backpackers

    CLOSED: Travellers Home Hostel

    Update: This hostel has permanently closed. We’ve kept this content here for your information.

    For our final recommendation, we want to include Travellers Home Hostel as an option for a more relaxed environment.

    This hostel is set within a stylishly restored Austro-Hungarian building that has kept most of its traditional design.

    Whilst it isn’t a flashy place, the consistently high reviews speak for themselves that this is a great place to stay.

    If you’re more about spending all day (and perhaps most of the night) exploring and doing you own thing, Travellers Home is ideal.

    Why? Well, because these guys don’t offer any organised activities or events.

    Instead, you can make the most of a top location in the city center Sarajevo right between the Miljacka river and the main promenade Ferhadija.

    The hostel is open 24/7 so you don’t need to worry about a curfew!

    When you feel like staying in and relaxing, head to the TV room.

    What about room choices? Let us show you:

    • 8-bed mixed dorm
    • Double room private
    • Twin room private

    Just a heads up that breakfast is available upon request, but it’s not included in your booking.

    There’s also a handy, modern kitchen onsite with a cute little dining area if you’re looking to save some money on food.

    This is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo for

    • Older travellers

    Travellers Home Hostel is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travellers Home Hostel is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travellers Home Hostel is one of the best hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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