3 Best Hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy
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3 Best Hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy – Discover the Five Lands & Sleep in Social, Homely Hostels

The best hostels in Cinque Terre are calling you! They are your gateway to centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline.

This is certainly an eye-popping destination in Liguria, Italy.

Colourful houses, bobbing fishing boats and vineyards make for awesome Instagram photos.

Sociable and spacious hostels make for fun, memorable times.

Your shortcut:

  1. 5 Terre Backpackers City (La Spezia) – for backpackers
  2. Ostello Tramonti (Riomaggiore) – for female solo travelers
  3. Grand Hostel Manin (La Spezia) – for couples

This collection of cool hostels in Cinque Terre is ideal for backpackers, couples and solo travellers.

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This guide is perfect for YOU, when you…

  • are tired of crappy hostels!
  • want a social Hostel to actually meet people
  • are happy to spend $1 to $2 more for a much better experience

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Not too far from Cinque Terre are the best hostels in Florence. It’s possible to make a day trip to Florence from La Spezia.

What we cover in this article?

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Quick Introduction to Cinque Terre

Average price for a bed: Hostels in Cinque Terre cost 19€ – 25€ per night for a bed in a dorm. A private room starts from 70€ up to 85€ per night. This is a rough average just to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on season and holidays. Please always check exact rates on Hostelworld.com or Booking.com.

Check-In and Check Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3pm), while the Check Out time is before 11:00 (11am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

Cinque Terre explained: Cinque Terre translates as Five Lands. So it’s important to know that it comprises of five small coastal villages of

  1. Manarola
  2. Riomaggiore
  3. Corniglia
  4. Monterosso
  5. Vernazza

They are all within the Italian region of Liguria and each village is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Each hostel in this guide has a clear mention of the closest village next to its name.

The Sentiero Azzurro: Also known as The Blue Trail, is a 12km hiking route that connects all of the five villages in Cinque Terre. HOWEVER! Bad storms and landslides have damaged some sections beyond repair. There is also a train that connects the villages.

Our advice: Once in the area check with your hostel to see which walking sections are open.

Party Hostels in Cinque Terre: Sorry guys, this isn’t your typical party destination! And so because of that, there are no party hostels here. Your best bet is to stay in La Spezia and enjoy the city nightlife. Our #3 hostel, Grand Hostel Manin, is located in the city centre of La Spezia. For an actual party and nightlife, better hop over to Milano or Rome.

Getting around: Cinque Terre is best reached by train. For getting around, you can either hike, take the train or even boat (the more pricey but scenic option). For a road trip around Italy I recommend either renting a car or check the trains. For Cinque Terre, the easiest village to reach by car is Monterosso. Please plan ahead.

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The 3 Best Hostels in Cinque Terre

Let’s jump right into the boutique hostels in Cinque Terre.

  1. 5 Terre Backpackers City
  2. Ostello Tramonti
  3. Grand Hostel Manin

We put all three accommodation on the map, you will find the map at the end of the article.

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🦸 Solo Traveler: 5 Terre Backpackers City
🙎‍♀️ best for Female Solo Traveler: Ostello Tramonti
🎒 For Backpackers:5 Terre Backpackers City
👩‍❤️‍👨Couple Hostel: Grand Hostel Manin
👨‍👩‍👦 Family Hostel: Ostello Tramonti
👩‍💻 For Digital Nomads: Grand Hostel Manin
🧘 Cozy Hostel: Costello

1. 5 Terre Backpackers City (La Spezia)

Not only is 5 Terre Backpackers City hostel located within an historical building, but it also boasts a wonderful hidden garden.

Welcome to our top hostel choice for the Cinque Terre area! It’s a wonderfully cosy hostel offering a total of 4 shared dorm rooms. Three of them come with 6-beds, or you can opt for a smaller 4-bed dorm if you prefer.

You’ll quickly tell that a lot of effort has been put into these rooms.

Check out the custom made bunkbeds that come with little staircases! The lockers are big and the big windows let in plenty of natural light.

Let’s have a look at a few of the other inclusions:

  • Free breakfast
  • Free welcome drink
  • USB port by every bed
  • Free Wifi that will follow you throughout the hostel

Important: There is no kitchen available here. Ask the staff for a good restaurant recommendation instead.

The cosy size of the hostel really helps meeting new people a lot easier. You guessed it: the hidden garden is the place to be!

There’s plenty of space to chill, read, chat, eat…

Another great way to get to know people is to join one of their organised events. From open air cinema evenings and pizza nights, to cooking courses and aperitivo.

Indoors you’ll find the City Bar which is where you can order your favourite refreshment.

Location: Sitauted just 100m from the central train station, and 200m from Via Del Prione. It’s very close to good restuaurants, bars and shops. An ideal place to be staying if you want to explore the 5 villages.

This is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre for

  • Backpackers
  • Solo travellers
Book 5 Terre Backpackers City here

Compare prices and check availability at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

5 Terre Backpackers City is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy 5 Terre Backpackers City is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy 5 Terre Backpackers City is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy

2. Ostello Tramonti (closest to Riomaggiore)

Further south in the Cinque Terre National Park is Ostello Tramonti. This hostel is your gateway to the village of Riomaggiore.

It’s a superb hostel that’s clean, modern and fuelled with friendly staff that love to help.

We’d recommend those without a car to stay here. That’s because there is a cheap shuttle service (1 euro) that takes you to Riomaggiore and it’s easy to hike from here.

Super cool: Stay 3 nights or more and the shuttle service is free.

The room choices are also spot on – intimate, spacious and incredibly clean. Each person sleeping in a dorm gets a full length wardrobe for luggage!

Here’s a quick overview:

  • 4-bed mixed dorm
  • 4-bed female dorm
  • Quadruple room (shared bathroom)
  • Double room (shared bathroom)

It’s certainly a good hostel for meeting new people thanks to the well-thought out social spaces.

An outdoor terrace offer hillside views of Biassa’s rooftops. There are also sun loungers and a garden with ping-pong.

Indoors you’ll find a common room filled with books, TV and DVDs.

After a big day of exploring the villages, grab a glass of wine from the bar.

There is also freshly made food (with local market ingredients) on offer at the onsite restaurant each day. Expect Italian food made by an Italian chef!

Location: On a hillside in the old town of Biassa. La Spezia is less than a 15-minute drive, and the shuttle to Riomaggiore is less than 10-minutes. Pisa International Airport is a 2-hour train ride away.

This is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre for

  • Female solo travellers
  • Small families and groups
Book Ostello Tramonti here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Ostello Tramonti is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy Ostello Tramonti is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy Ostello Tramonti is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy

3. Grand Hostel Manin (La Spezia)

Grand Hostel Manin is the best accommodation on offer if you’d prefer to stay in the city of La Spezia.

It’s still only a 20-minute train ride to Cinque Terre, and is also a great base for visiting other areas such as Porto Venere, Pisa and Genova. Have a chat with staff if you’re keen for day trip information.

This is a family hostel run by two siblings that have a passion for Italian hospitality.

“Our mission as locals is to give you all the tools you need to have fun, make friends and experience the best of our incredible region.”

From comfortable rooms and social spaces, to all the best local advice for Liguria.

Inside these modern walls you will find so many goodies:

  • Free breakfast (fresh bread, coffee, fruit etc)
  • Free cooking ingredients (pasta, oil spices, rice)
  • Free welcome drink
  • Free shampoo & shower gel
  • Free flow of tea & coffee ALL DAY

They’ve really thought of it all, hey?

To top it off, everyone receives a personalised map with attractions, food venues and activities. Discounts included!

If you’re in need of earplugs or a towel, just ask. They are also included.

Room options include 4, 6 and 8-bed mixed dorms, 6-bed female dorm, quadruple private and double/twin private.

Great: The bunkbeds are custom made and super sturdy.

Location: In the heart of the city, 10-minutes from the train station, and 5-minutes from the harbour. Supermarkets, restaurants and pubs are very close by, too.

This is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre for

  • Couples
  • Older travellers/adults
Book Grand Hostel Manin here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Grand Hostel Manin is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy Grand Hostel Manin is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy Grand Hostel Manin is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy

What about cheapest hostels in Cinque Terre?

Of course, there are always cheap hostels. Forget Cinque Terre hotels!

We think, it’s not worth it to go with the cheapest hostel out there.


The difference is usually 1-2€ ($1-2) per night, and a lot of amenities are not included. This can be breakfast or linen.

However, if you are traveling on a shoe-string budget and you wanna save every penny, there are ways to find the cheapest places in Cinque Terre.

  1. Open Hostelworld with full list of budget places to stay in Cinque Terre
  2. Order the listing by price

Simple as that.

Read: 15 hacks for booking hostels

Make sure you use then the other filters and rank per price.

Also keep a close eye on the ratings, especially the “extreme ratings”. Meaning, the best and worst. These ratings can give great insight on what to expect.

Best Hostels in Cinque Terre for Solo Travellers?

What is seriously the best hostel in Cinque Terre for solo-travellers?

All of the top 3 hostels in this guide, simple!

Here is a quick overview to save you some time:

Our top choice? It will always be 5 Terre Backpackers City. The location is perfect, with easy access to all of the five villages of Cinque Terre.

5 Terre Backpackers City is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy

More Hostels worth a Mention

Before you go, you may well like to have a couple of more options that offer something different.

We’ve got you covered, as always!

Ostello Corniglia (for Corniglia, Vernazza & Manarola)

Let’s move closer to the ocean and visit Ostello Corniglia.

Situated right in the centre of Corniglia town, it’s perfectly located just 200 metres from the entrance paths to both Vernazza and Manarola.

It’s quite a simple set up inside, including basic dorm rooms.

There is choice between mixed, female-only dorms and private rooms.

We’d say this is a top choice if you care more about the location, and less about the hostel vibe.

Book Ostello Corniglia here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Ostello Corniglia is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy

Costello (La Spezia)

Costello is a brand new hostel in the centre of La Spezia which we wouldn’t resist including. It’s gorgeous.

It’s housed in a charming 1800s building, with room for up to 24 guests.

Andrea and Alessia go out of their way to make you feel at home, and the interior design is set to impress.

There are hammocks, a kitchen and terrace perfect for socialising.

The best bit? Probably the memory foam mattresses!

Book Costello here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Costello is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy Costello is one of the best hostels in Cinque Terre, Italy

How to book?

We recommend using Booking.com or Hostelworld for your reservations.

Hostelworld is the most popular website when it comes to hostel bookings.

Read: step-by-step guide on how to book with Hostelworld

On both platforms your credit card is 100% protected and the booking 100% confirmed.

We included the handy links to each of the recommended hostel. Just click on the hostel name. The link will lead you to check prices and availability.

Here is the overview:

  1. 5 Terre Backpackers City: Booking.com | Hostelworld
  2. Ostello Tramonti: Booking.com | Hostelworld
  3. Grand Hostel Manin: Booking.com | Hostelworld

We recommend booking your hostel as early as possible!

All of Cinque Terre best hostels are popular; especially in high-season. To make sure you end up in those stylish hostels, secure your room or bed as soon as you have your travel dates fix.

Any Discounts?

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All 3 Hostels put on a map + sights

Let us have a look on the map. Below we list all three best Cinque Terre hostels on a map.

Personally, we love to plan our trips with a map having all sights and potential hostels on it. We thought this map will help you with planning your trip too.

We also included the main tourist attractions you’ve to know in this list:

  • Doria Castle
  • Santa Margherita di Antiochia Church
  • Via Fegina
  • Church of San Giovanni Battista
  • Riomaggiore Beach

Also: We’ve added each of the five villages on the map by colour coding them. This will help you to get a better idea of where your chosen hostel is in relation to Cinque Terre.


What are the best hostels in Cinque Terre for Backpacker?

The three coolest hostels to stay in Cinque Terre are:

  1. 5 Terre Backpackers City (La Spezia) - for backpackers
  2. Ostello Tramonti (Riomaggiore) - for female solo travelers
  3. Grand Hostel Manin (La Spezia) - for couples

This collection of cool hostels in Cinque Terre is ideal for backpackers, couples and solo travellers.

What is the cheapest town to stay in Cinque Terre?

If you're determined to stay in one of the villages of Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore is probably the cheapest one to stay in.

What are the best things to do in Cinque Terre?

Go back up and have a look at our handy map. We have pinpointed other sights worth seeing whilst you're in the area. But obviously, the best thing to do is to explore all the beautiful villages along the coastline.

What is the best walking route in Cinque Terre?

Sentiero Azzurro, or the Blue Path, is the most famous and longest trail there is. Just be aware that there are often closures, so always check with your hostel before you set off.

Other great walking routes include:

  • The Riomaggiore Ring trail
  • The Corniglia to Manarola trail
  • Vernazza to Monterosso

How many days do you need to cover and enjoy Cinque Terre Italy?

Two days is plenty. It is possible to see all the five villages in one day, even if you walk between them. Consider extending your stay if you'd like to spend time relaxing at the many beaches on offer.

Where in Italy is Cinque Terre?

It's a collection of five villages along the coast of Liguria, the West Coast of Italy. The nearest cities are Genoa (1.5 hours) and Florence (2.5 hours).

Flights to Cinque Terre?

We use Skyscanner and Omio.com to find cheap flights and good connections all over the globe.

Skyscanner has a bunch of cool features like Multi-City Trip. Instead of doing this research step-by-step, Skyscanner offers this flight planning tool.

Our Step-by-Step Guide to Skyscanner

review of Skyscanner flight searches

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