SMARTEST hostel hack for traveling Europe 2017

Skip your research process of endless hours comparing hostel-ratings and prices.

Afraid of staying in an insecure or unclean hostel?

This eBook takes away your insecure feeling of choosing a bad hostel. It tells you what you can really except of a hostel.

Get access to the 10% discounts we got you for the 128 best hostels across Europe. This saves you more than 340€ on your epic adventure trip across Europe. The discounts are valid for dorms + private rooms for the whole year of 2017.

You can apply the discounts for you and all your travel-buddies!

Make the best out of your trip and sleep in the coolest places:

  • swimming pool-hostels
  • island-retreats
  • castles
  • roof-top terrace lounge

From Lisbon, Barcelona to London and Rome – we got your travels covered with this huge selection of the best hostels out there.

Highly recommended for Couples and Solo-Traveler

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About us

We are Anna&Matt, the founders of Hostelgeeks. Welcome to our 2nd Hostelgeeks eBook highlighting the “Greatest Hostels of Europe”. We created this eBook to help you travel faster and cheaper - and enjoy our beautiful home of Europe.

Hostels are the gateway to new friends, lifetime experiences. Thank you for letting us be part of your new adventures!

128 Best Hostels - with 1 click

We did the leg-work for you and bring you unique hostels, bundled in one handy eBook. We include prices, room types you can choose and the discounts. It is

Travelers Feedback

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Just bought the eBook and I can’t wait to get traveling!


Me and my boyfriend never stayed at a hostel before. Well, we did it thanks to Hostelgeeks and we loved it!


It is so COOL!!!! I am traveling with two of my best friends this summer. We will be in Rome, Milan, Nice, Barcelona and then take it from there. We split the cost for the ebook and already booked the places and got the discounts. AWESOME and really recommended!

Sleep every 10th night for free!

Get 10% off the best hostels in Europe. This is your ultimate hostel-hack to save more than 340€ on your trip - while sleeping.

You can apply the discount for you and all your travel buddies.

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Not sure about your hostel choice?

Have you ever chosen a hostel, not sure what you can REALLY expect?

Afraid of staying in an insecure or unclean hostel?

Take away your doubts once and for all. This eBook is your gateway to skip disappointing hostel experiences!

All included accommodations are handpicked and validated to be secure, clean and fun places. Make sure you sleep in a great environment every night and feel good about your accommodation-choices across Europe.

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This is where you will sleep ...

and this is where you will mingle ...

Top 10 cities + 90 more Destinations

Most people travel to 10 cities in Europe - that is why we cover 100 Destinations in our guide. You can use it more than once. Jump out of a plane in Interlaken, explore the famous nightlife of Amsterdam and do Yoga in Santorini. The eBook covers more than 38 countries and 100 cities such as

  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Marseille
  • Moscow
  • Porto
  • Rome
  • Stockholm
  • Venice
  • Zagreb
  • and many more
Download the preview and get the full list of destinations.

How to apply the discounts?

It's simple!

1. Pick the #1 Hostel

Read what you can really expect: get an overview of vibes, location and rooms.

2. Apply discount

Book with 1 click via website, phone, email or simply walk-in. You can apply the discount for you and all your friends.

3. Travel & Repeat

Travel, apply and repeat saving money in every hostel in all 100 destinations!

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Buy the eBook for 19.99€ 9.99€ now

full money back guarantee

BONUS: Top Resources to travel on a budget

We added this big bonus to the eBook.

We have been all over Europe, using different apps and websites for budget traveling.

We were able to catch a flight from Barcelona to the Canary Islands for just 12€, get free drinks with the lunch menu and cut down our transport costs by 80%. We share in our eBook how to do it.

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Can I apply the discounts for me and my friends?
YES, the promo code are valid for you and your friends, no limits!

What if a hostel is sold out already?
We recommend booking as early as you can to secure your spot. If the hostel is already full, please send a message to the hostel directly, asking for their direct advise. Usually our hostels have best connections and offer solutions.

Can I really apply the discounts to ALL of the hostels?
YES, 100% guaranteed! No need to worry, you can save plenty of dollars for the whole year.

Any questions?

Please drop us a line or purchase your own copy here.

Sleep well,
Anna, Matt and the Hostelgeeks Team