Best Hostels Europe 2017 (+10% discounts + a free preview)

Welcome to your travel-in-style bible to the best hostels in Europe 2017. This eBook shares the 125 best hostels in Europe + big discounts to them!

Best Hostels Europe 2017 (+10% discounts)Table of contents:

Every 10th night for free in Europe

We went to every single hostel and got our readers 10% discounts!

Thanks to the exclusive discounts, you save more than $340 on hostels.

Apply the discounts and you can stay every 10th night for free. 10 nights on a full backpacking trip through Europe? Make the math – this is a no-brainer! You and all your friends can apply the discounts for 2017.

For whom is this eBook?

We created this eBook for everyone

  • traveling Europe in 2017 in style, yet on a budget
  • planning to stay in cool hostels without the party-crowds
  • looking for smart booking hacks

This eBook is especially recommended for:

  • Solo Female Travelers
  • Couples
  • group of friends
  • Design-lovers

Full Money Back Guarantee

We are confident: you will love this eBook. We give you a full money back guarantee in case you dislike it or think it’s useless. You will LOVE it to apply those discounts, knowing you travel the smart way.

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Destinations we cover

The eBook covers more than 38 countries and 100 cities. Here are the major destinations we cover:

  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Interlaken
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Rome
  • Stockholm
  • Venice (get amazed by the featured hostel here)
  • Vienna

For the full list of all covered destinations, you can download here the free preview of the eBook:

eBook Best Hostels - Preview

Full money back guarantee

We have no doubt you will enjoy this eBook and the hostels. Therefore, we give you a full money back guarantee – no questions asked!

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The process creating the guide

In the process of creating this 2017 eBook edition, we were looking at how to add even more value to it. The answer was a simple pin at the Ecomama Hostel in Amsterdam, the 5 Star Hostel, which lead us in the right direction:

“All you need is less!”

With more and more hostel-options to choose from; the research process is getting longer and more complicated. After choosing a hip hostel you think you could enjoy, the booking process starts — a time-consuming hike through online travel agencies, websites, apps, word of mouth etc.

We all want to save money, or at least, we don’t want to waste money on unnecessary fees, right? We knocked on several hostel doors and negotiated a sweet 10% discount at all of the greatest hostels in this eBook. This 10% discount is only for you, and your travel-mates, because you are part of the large Hostelgeeks community — thank you!

Therefore: All you need is less!

We give you a social, budget accommodation for numerous destinations across Europe. Just flip through the eBook to find the recommended hostel for your destination, and that’s it. Less worrying, more traveling!

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More examples of included hostels

Any questions? Please drop us a line or purchased your own copy here.

Sleep well,
Anna, Matt and the Hostelgeeks Team