Bergamo Hostel in a Review - Is it a cool Hostel and City worth to visit?

Bergamo Hostel in a Review – Is it a cool Hostel and City worth to visit?

Do you dream of walking cobblestone streets, encircled by Venetian walls? Yes! Well then, welcome to our newest 5 Star hostel; Bergamo Hostel in the heart of the stunning city of Northern Italy.

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  • Location of Bergamo Hostel

    Bergamo Hostel is located in Atleti azzurri d’Italia stadium, which is just 2 km away and the city center can be easily and quickly reached with public transport.

    Visiting Bergamo historical city center couldn’t be easier – a bus stop is located right outside the hostel! Take the bus and in just 15 minutes you will be able to admire all the beauty of Città Alta.

    Last but not least, if you have to catch a flight in Bergamo – Orio al Serio airport can be reached either by public transport or via a private airport shuttle. The shuttle can be taken at a special rate, available upon request at the hostel.

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    Private Room Types available: single room, double or twin room, triple room, quadruple room, and family room (6 Adults)

    Shared Room Types available: 6-Bed Dorm, 6-Bed female dorm, 6-Bed male dorm

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The owners describe Bergamo Hostel in three words; urban, cozy and comfy, and we can see why.

It is the place to unwind in bright, open social spaces and enjoy a local experience thanks to the staff and their local connections.

Citta alta, Bergamo
Bergamo Hostel is described as urban as it is just a stone’s throw from the beauty of Citta Alta (a hilltop medieval town), yet the hostel itself is surrounded by a green, beautiful and peaceful environment.

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Ostello di Bergamo has not meet all the criteria to become 5 Star Hostel, but it is still a cool hostel to stay if you are in Bergamo.

Come with us as we take you on a journey through the hostel, to find out exactly why.
Bergamo, hidden gem in north of Italy

1. Recycling and energy saving plan

Ostello di Bergamo has done well to create a recycling program.

On a small scale they use ecological cleaning products, and they have an even cooler energy saving plan for the next few years.

For example, they will replace their old lights with LED to save on power.

Important and smart for a spacious hostel such as this!

The hostel itself is managed by local people. Of course, they know the area like the back of their hands.

Not only that, but they’ve made great effort to team up with local tour providers to ensure guests get the best possible experience.

As this is an upcoming destination, we think it is wonderful that Bergamo Hostel has tried hard to become an authentic gem of North-Italian culture.

Time to play, Bergamo hostel, North Italy

2. Open, bright and colourful

The building was built in 1970 and is a local architectural ‘masterpiece’.

It was in spring 2016 that the owners decided to renovate the common space.

They collaborated with Okam Studio, a young and award winner of architecture, and as a result, the common areas are open, bright and colourful.

The space is certainly big enough to socialize and relax and if you’re keen; have a go and see if you can win a game of foosball.

When you enter the rooms, you will notice bright, modern décor and a continuing theme of blue and yellow.

There are of course bunk beds, but it is refreshing to see that Bergamo Hostel has tried a new approach and used single beds where possible.

Along with a private bathroom and the possibility of a balcony, we think the room design is super cool!

Welcome to Bergamo Hostel

Breakfast room, Bergamo Hostel

Free coffee at Bergamo hostel

Stroll on over to the kitchen in time for brekky, and enjoy filling your bellies for free – it doesn’t matter what type of room you book, it is open for all guests.

Choose between:

  • juices,
  • yogurt,
  • cereals,
  • bread and
  • hot and cold drinks

A good breakfast is a wonderful way to start the day!

3. Rooftop views over the city

What makes this urban, cozy, comfy hostel unique?

Well for one, you better check out the view of Bergamo upper town from here. They claim it is the best view in town and there is only one way to find out!

No, you don’t need to splash out on a room with a balcony to see for yourself; just head to the awesome rooftop and private garden welcome for all paying guests to enjoy.

It’s a great way to better orientate yourself and no doubt you will meet other cool travelers to mooch into the city with.

Bergamo Hostel terrace

Common area, Bergamo hostel

4. Cool vibes all around

For sure, Bergamo Hostel is neither a pub nor a café, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t social and full of cool vibes.

Check out the size of the communal area – there are many possibilities to meet like-minded travellers there. Don’t forget; the common area is open until midnight so make the most of the space!

And don’t just expect vibes inside the hostel, for Bergamo Hostel have teamed up with special and themed events in the city too.

If you happen to be in town in July, head on over to the Punk Rock Raduno music festival, and get a cheap(er) stay at this wonderful hostel.

Awesome rock music combined with a stay in a super-cool 5 star hostel, what more could you ask for?! Check out the Raduno website or contact the hostel directly to find out what deals are in store.

5. Helpful staff

Being welcomed by local people is always special, and can help you to settle in straight away.

Reviews say it all, and the staff at Bergamo Hostel rarely seem to disappoint.

Need help with figuring out what to do? Want to book a tour, or just need an excellent restaurant recommendation?

The staff are always around to help you!

Helpful staff at Bergamo hostel

Summary Bergamo hostel

So, is Bergamo near Milano in your plans? If so, Bergamo hostel is a good option to stay in.

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