The Bed And Be Hostel in Córdoba is a charming, comfortable and easy-going hostel, right in the heart of Córdoba, Spain. Bed and Be is located in a historic building and the special easy-going nostalgic flair reflects the town’s ambient vibes. The kitchen is at the very top of the building, where you can get your breakfast included with your stay.

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    We fully recommend Bed and Be Hostel as the top hostel choice for Córdoba, Spain!

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  • Hostel Location Advantage

    The hostel is located right in the city center, 10 minutes from the train station and 10 minutes to the river and La Mesquita. This makes the perfect location to explore Córdoba from here. Bed And Be is directly located in the main shopping mile of the city, so if you feel like shopping (and Spain is quite famous for that), go ahead! From the roof top terrace you have a beautiful view over the roofs of the city.

    How to get to Bed And Be Hostel?

    The hostel is quite simple to find. When arriving via train or bus to Córdoba it takes you around 10 minutes. Leave the station to the left towards the only park around, next to the street "Av. de los Mozárabes". Turn left in the street "Avinguda Ronda de los Tejares". Go straight ahead until the main shopping street called "Calle de José Cruz Conde" and turn right. Hostel Bed and Be is the house on the left side with the house number 22.

    Bed and Be Hostel, Calle de José Cruz Conde 22, 14001 Córdoba, Spain
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Hop out onto the rooftop terrace and have your cereal or bread while overlooking Córdoba’s majestic skyline.

Last but not least, this 5 Star Hostel organizes several awesome events on its rooftop terrace.

Eat some sushi made by the most famous sushi-chef in town, dance to some music by local bands, and just Be yourself at Bed And Be Hostel in Córdoba.

Bed and Be in Córdoba, Spain

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Bed and Be interior patio Cordoba

Bed and Be in Córdoba in Review

Let us introduce you to Bed and Be.

We are big fans of the whole concept of the charming Boutique Hostel. It fits with the criteria of a 5 Star Hostel.

Therefore, join us on our walk up the stairs, from the reception to the roof top terrace of Bed and Be, the boutique hostel.

Should we get started?

1. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Managed by your friendly local host José, Bed and Be cares about sustainability.

Bed and Be Hostel’s decorations are recycled and upcycled, and you can discover different modern and vintage design elements all over the hostel.

José also offers a bike rental service directly at the hostel to discover the city in a sustainable way.

No gas needed, plus you can discover everything in and around Cordoba by bike in no time!

Have a look at the upcycled furniture at the roof top terrace and lounge.

Check out the many old school decorations like the old typewriters (they still work), and the radio, just to name a few.

Common Area to Socialize at Bed And Be Hostel

2. Modern Boutique with Vintage Twist

The decoration combines vintage design elements with modern pieces of art. This combination of unique interior design turns this accommodation into a cozy Boutique Hostel.

We love how bright and inviting the whole hostel is.

The best part: You will always find something new!

The interior design is a beautiful reflection of the city’s lifestyle, especially the roof top terrace!

Just check out all the plants and hammocks on the roof top terrace – in typical Cordoba style and decoration.

We love to hang out here, soak in the atmosphere, take photos from the views, and last but not least join many of the events taking place here.

We mentioned the small details you will find all over the hostel.

Have a look at the pots, some of them have some written message on them. In the living room next to the kitchen you will listen to music coming out of an old school radio. Isn’t that cool?!

Important note: Please don’t confuse Onas Hostel&Suites with Bed and Be.

Both are 5 Star Hostels, located in Córdoba. However, Onas Hostel is located in Córdoba, Argentina, while Bed and Be is in South Spain, Europe.

Cozy! Relax at the Roof Top Terrace in Córdoba!

5 Star Hostel Bed and Be in Córdoba, Spain

3. Be Awesome & Be Unique!

“Bed And Be Hostel” has an amazing concept:

Simply “be”.

Rent a bike, be yourself, take part of several hostel events, be at home, be social, be welcoming, be charming, you name it.

The whole concept makes this hostel in Cordoba outstanding in its unique way – truly a unique 5 Star Hostel!

You will appreciate it all when you have your cold beer on the rooftop terrace!

Indeed, it is all about “Being” here.

This charming hostel engages people to be part of the whole hostel experience, and to be part of the cultural experience in Córdoba!

Meeting Travelers in Cordoba at Bed And Be Hostel

4. Best atmosphere to meet people

As mentioned, the engaging part at Bed And Be to be social is very appreciated.

The hostel has an easy-going and cozy atmosphere.

No rush, no hassle, no prisa (“hurry” in Spanish)!

You’ll feel right at home with lots of buddies and friends. At the very top of the building you’ll find the kitchen and a fridge full of beer.

Grab a cold one and just drop money in the open box to pay for – the honesty box adds another great value to the hostel.

Feels good to be trusted, right?! You’ll appreciate every second staying in an environment of trust.

To add a special vibe to the hostels atmosphere, the team organizes several different events at the hostels roof top terrace.

Those events can be some Sushi-preparing by a local chef, small concerts by local and international bands, and more.

When we were there we enjoyed the momentum of not being obligated but engaged. It feels very inviting, and when we were heading back to the hostel in the evening, we were already excited to hang out at the terrace.

Staff at Bed And Be in Cordoba - your friends welcome you home!

5. Great Staff and 100% local tips

Whatever you want to know, whatever you need: José is your friendly host and knows Córdoba like the back of his hand!

He can recommend the coolest places around his town for you, and you can be sure: Those tips are 100% local!

Nowadays there are more people working at Bed And Be.

Full Equipped Kitchen - The Bed and Be Hostel in Cordoba

Nevertheless, the quality of the staff stays high!

The staff is passionate about the hostel and will do everything to make you feel like home.

No wonder the Bed And Be receives always a high rating for their friendliness!

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How to book Bed and Be Hostel?

We fully recommend Bed and Be Hostel as a top hostel choice for Córdoba, Spain!

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  3. key chain flashlight
  4. the right backpack, the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40 Pack
  5. packing cubes
  6. generic padlock
  7. quick-dry travel towel
  8. universal power adapter
  9. travel-sized toiletries
  10. The hostel address – written down
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