Good drinks, good design and good vibes! The Backstay Bar

Backstay Hostel in Ghent – Newspapers-Hostel and typewriter-blogger room

Update: Backstay Hostel is no longer open. For the best hostels in Ghent, we recommend the following hostels:

Upscale hostel and hidden gem - this is Backstay Hostel in Ghent, Belgium! And you will love it. The building of the hostel is the former editorial office of the socialist newspaper Dagblad Vooruit, an important newspapers of the people back in the 30th. Today you will find the former printing letters decorating the bar, and every single room is named after a famous newspaper. Hostelgeeks visited Backstay Hostel.

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  • Location advantage, and why we love it!

    In a nutshell: PERFECT! You are right in the students district, only a 5 minutes walk away from the very heart of the center.

    You'll probably recognize the hostel as soon as you see it - it's the massive Art Deco building with the glass front. Wherever you are, keep watching for signs to the University building as Backstay Hostels is located right in front of it.

    How to get to Backstay Hostel:

    From the Gent-Sint-Pieters train station, catch the #1 tram towards the city center and get off at Verlorenkost. The hostel is a five-minute walk away.  From the Dampoort Station, both bus 6 and 78 will take you to the Zuid stop, which is two minutes away from the hostel. Look out for number 128 on Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat…but like we said, you probably won't have much trouble spotting it, as it's quite a distinctive building. 

    Full Address: 📍 Backstay Hostel, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 128, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
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    Private Room Types available: Double Room

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The particular neighborhood you’ll find Backstay Hostel in has a reputation for being the artsy area of town where major festivals happen. That’s just another one of the many reasons you may want to consider staying at this special accommodation when visiting.

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The impressive building of Backstay Hostel in Ghent

The city of Ghent in Belgium ticks all the boxes for travelers looking to get a culture fix while mixing with locals.

This university city has been rated one of the world’s coziest cities, and it is packed full of museums, theaters, and histories.

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Good drinks, good design and good vibes! The Backstay BarThe printing letters at the Backstay Bar

Before we get started on more reasons this is an awesome place to stay, here’s a Geeky Fact: all the keys to Backstay are electronic bracelets you can wear on your wrist.

How cool is that?

5 Star Hostel Award at Backstay Hostel Ghent

Backstay Hostel in Ghent in review

Let us have a close look at the WHY.

Why does Backstay Hostel Ghent fit the 5 Star criteria? Follow our footsteps with new photos.

1. Sustainable from Top to Bottoms Up

It doesn’t get much more sustainable than that; almost everything is locally sourced, including its local staff.

To get hot water and heat the building, they use a ground source heat pump.

The toilets are flushed using collected rainwater, and all the energy they use is green – the hostel also runs on powerful solar panels!

Upcycled tables in the living room at Backstay Hostel in Ghent

Even the food is eco-friendly at the Backstay Hostel – they make your breakfast using local produce and ingredients. The morning starts with fair trade coffee while you can end the day with different locally brewed beers. Bottoms up, indeed.

2. Worldwide News – The newspaper design

Famous newspaper of the Guardian calls the hostel the „Newspaper Hostel“ as the history of the building and the design itself is related to Newspapers all over the world.

The accommodation is regularly featured in big interior and design or architecture magazines (think Archdaily, Dwell, Domus, etc.), and it’s for a good reason.

Each room is based on a big newspaper from around the world; you might be staying in a room dedicated to the Guardian (the U.K.),  La Stampa (Italy), the New York Times (the U.S.), Die Zeit (Germany), or El País (Spain).

Every room is named after a newspaper

Each hostel room has its own special style.

The El Mundo (Spain) room, for instance, is covered in album covers, while the Le Monde from France one is filled with wooden puzzles of Ghent’s famous sights. There are also three private rooms, one of which houses a giant collection of matchboxes along the wall.

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Space and comfy mattress in the dorms at Backstay Hostel in GhentThe dorms at Backstay Hostel are well-designed!

No matter what room you get, each bed has an individual power supply and a small place to put your things right beside the bed. If you’re in a bunk bed, the design of the bed provides enough privacy.

All the furniture is tailor-made just for the hostel.

The creators Yannick and Nele, two creative types from Ghent, designed the whole accommodation themselves.

Have a wander round and spot the old suitcase disguising an electricity board, the VW Bus in the corridor, and the messages on the bathroom chalkboards.

They’ve also added lit-up globes around the bar for another international touch.

Design Hostel Ideas at Backstay Hostel Ghent, there is a lot to get inspired by

3. A Colorful Past – Unique History

What’s a 5 Star Hostel today actually used to be the editorial offices of the socialist newspaper Dagblad Vooruit – how many hostels can you say that about?

We’re guessing: none.

This went on until the 1980s, when it was converted into a cultural center called Backstage before becoming the hostel it is today.

Today Backstay Hostel brings people from all over the world together.

Welcome to Backstay Hostel in Ghent

The 1930s building was designed by the architect Brunfaut, and features a chic frosted glass front that’s been preserved over the decades.

Today, it bathes the hostel’s dorms in pretty soft light in the day, and when it gets lit up at night, it glows golden. This Art Deco building is considered a monument in its own right – and for good reason, as it’s very cool.

Therefore, make sure you have a look at the building by night from the outside.

Design! The common area at Backstay Hostel

4. Literary Designs – the vibes and atmosphere

Aspiring writers, we may have found your dream hostel.

There is a special blog room, located in a lit-up tower and featuring high ceilings, atmosphere dark grey walls, and a huge window.

It’s full of old (working!) typewriters and a modern PC, and the walls are covered in famous literary love quotes.

Design! The common area at Backstay Hostel

Type something up on the typewriter, and you’ll be allowed to leave it on the wall as well.

Any traveler or local resident is welcome to stay and scribble in the tower.

You’ll be in good company, as famous Flemish poets have spent time here over the years (including Richard Minne and Louis Paul Boon).

And it was Zen! A love letter to Backstay Hostel Ghent

They’ve also got a cinema room in the basement, and a laid-back Traveller’s Zone housed in a former pub that’s supplied with guitars and a piano. It’s all about mixing the historical building with what makes contemporary creatives tick.

Having an own cinema sounds pretty tempting, right?

The in-house bar in the ground floor and its terrace are open both for the traveler and the locals. In fact, this is the motto “Where traveler meet locals“. Backstay Hostel is located in the vibrant student area and many students come to the Backstay Bar to study, hang out, have lunch.

Especially at night, The Backstay Bar is a popular place to be. So make sure you head downstairs to have a drink.

As a guest, you get as well a 10% discount on all drinks and food – make the best out of it!

The bar comes as well with a cosy terrace, perfect for the summer

Also, you might want to keep an eye on the schedule.

There are weekly free concerts (even Pete Doherty’s sister Amy Jo once stepped up to the mike here!).

They organize cooking classes to learn how to make local Flemish specialties, dance classes twice a month, and a few drinking games every now and then. There are plenty of events happening.

Polaroid time at Backstay Hostel

5. “Every Traveller is a Friend” – the motto

That’s the motto here.

The staff do everything they can to be welcoming to everyone, from guests at the hostel to local Ghent residents to the occasional accidental visitor.

The motto? Every traveler is a friend

The staff is always there for you, no matter what you need. They’ll even give you some excellent local tips on where to go in the city to find things like cool bars or great museums. Next to their pop-up reception you will find lots of different city maps.

Go for the USE IT MAP, the coolest local maps in Europe.

A journey is best measured in friends, not miles

Their approach is all about avoiding that cold, corporate feel, instead favoring real, genuine interactions – that’s why the saying “A journey is best measured in friends, not miles” is written on the wall of the breakfast room.

The chill out lounge at Backstay Hostel Ghent

Video about Backstay Hostels

You cannot get enough? Check out the Videos of Backstay Hostel Ghent. They are constantly adding more videos of their concerts and events.

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