Surfing anyone? Taghazout, Morocco is a dreaming destination for wave lovers and beach fans. And if you’re staying there, there’s nowhere better to catch up on your sleep after catching some waves than at the Amayour Surf Hostel.

With local touches and a family-like vibe, plus the year-round sunshine in Taghazout, you might never want to leave.

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Things to do in Taghazout, Morocco

When staying at Amayour Surf Hostel, there are so many awesome things to do around. Here are the 3 top things to do in Taghazout, Morocco.

For some of these activities you have to get your ticket in advance. Make sure you don't miss out!

Let us talk about our detailed Amayour Surf Hostel review.

What will you find at the Amayour Surf Hostel in Taghazout, Morocco? This quote which defines it perfectly:

“There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling you’re doing it right”

This quote from an unknown author could describe traveling just as well as surfing! Both are things we’re fans of here at Hostelgeeks. Particularly when they unite.

amayour surf hostel Thagazout Morocco

You may have already noticed that we do love the combination sports and stunning accommodations. Here are few others you would love as well:

Taghazout is a pretty fishing village on the country’s southwestern coast. It is a haven for surfers and beach fans from all corners of the globe. For some insights, the Lonely Planet Morocco is a handy guide to get.

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Let the laid-back vibes wash over you as you enjoy this hippie heaven with stunning scenery.

Bring on the beach and Tagine to your mind …

Amayour surf hostel breakfast

Berber embrodiery details at Amayour Surf Hostel Morocco

… and walk with us through Amayour Surf. There is a lot to explore.

Amayour Surf Hostel in Taghazout is a 5 Star Hostel because…

1. Building community is essential

Amayour Surf works with lots of local organizations to promote the sort of community they want to live in.

That means beach cleanups with Taghazout’s Taddart Associations and the village’s clean the streets initiative. And it goes beyond just cleaning up the physical surroundings; they also work hard to create a real sense of community.

On that note: Hostelgeeks participates on Beach Clean-Ups organized by Gili Castle, the 5 Star Hostel in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. For more info, follow us on

Similey crew at Amayour Surf Hostel

Surfing in Taghazout

They serve as sponsors for local surf associations and football teams to get kids active and participating in healthy activities. On top of that, they also know how important it is to support other local businesses and organizations.

They rely on the knowledge and skills of the local community and hire them to help make the hostel a truly beautiful place. They prefer hiring a local carpenter who’s familiar with the wood and techniques used here than working with a short-term visitor.

They have refurbished their doors and now have a traditional Berber look. Have a glance at this beauty, which is the main entrance door.

The same goes for their surf instructors; they’re locals who have been paddling, swimming, and surfing in these waters since they were babies!

They also lend their employees a hand in other elements, like paying for them to have English classes with trained teachers.

2. You’ll know you’re in Morocco

Even though you’re staying at a hostel, you’ll get a feel for how locals really live at Amayour Surf because they incorporate and celebrate so many elements of Moroccan culture.

That means lots of beautiful wooden features, art from local artists (some are even done by the hostel owner!), decor carefully hand-picked with the hostel in mind, and bold and expressive colors.

Even the fixtures and fittings are handmade if possible.

Double room Amayour Surf Hostel

There’s also a rooftop bathroom decorated in traditional Tadelakt and Berber wood style next to the double room on the roof top terrace. Here is our article to the different hostel room types.

The terrace has double ocean views, and it is where breakfast is served. You will feel stepping out onto a plant-strewn oasis.

Breafkast view Amayour Surf Hostel

With views of Taghazout Bay stretching from Anchor Point to Devil’s Rock, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better vantage point to admire the village from.

Whether you’d rather do a sport of sunbathing or watch the sunset over the waves (or both!), the terrace is a great place to hang out and kick back.

3. Family connections

This hostel is small and family-run, which is something that only works in its favor.

You’ll definitely feel the welcoming vibes. It’s easy to see how much work and love the family has put into the hostel. They started with nearly nothing and have built the whole thing up from the ground.

Dorm Amayour surf hostel

bunk beds amayour surf hostelAnd while the hostel is wonderful, they’ve got plans to make it even better! They’re always investing directly back into their accommodation to improve it.

One element they’re particularly proud of?

That’d be the incredible rooftop terrace we were just talking about! You can tell they’ve put tons of thought, time, and energy into making it the ideal spot for guests to enjoy themselves.

They also work hard to give their staff and guests plenty of new experiences for personal growth, like a residency weeks program where new surfers can live alongside their surf teachers and learn how to ride the waves like a pro.

Alongside their rolling surf and surf yoga packages, they are introducing residency retreats with top class teachers. Prominent people will co-host new activities, Kicking off in September 2017.

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Surf Yoga fussion at Aamayour Surf Hostel

Their plans include:

  • Voga Retreat: a fusion of dance, yoga, and surfing.
  • Nightly feast: Tim Spedding, Chef in Michelin-starred restaurants as The Ledbury **will be demonstrating his gastro skills at Amayour Hostel. More info here.
  • Alan Stokes, the Pro Surf Tour 2009 Winner, will be a surf teacher in a Surf & Yoga Retreat. His wife will be the Yoga teacher.

4. You definitely won’t be bored

There is so much going on at Amayour Surf Hostel, and the activities go way above and beyond your standard hostel pub crawl type activities.

Let’s talk about just a few of the things you can do! Here’s an idea in form of a quick video…

If you love being active, you’ll find lots of different types of classes to enjoy.

You can try surf classes with their friendly instructors, whether you’ve never surfed in your life or you’re looking to hone your skills. You can also try dynamic classes like the Amayour Surf Xs Voga, which blends together high-energy dance routines, yoga, and surfing.

The mix is unusual, but it works!

You don’t have to be a pro surfer to enjoy the activities, either.

Having fun surfing in Taghazout Morocco

Are you a foodie?

Come on…you can admit it. We also love food…

Even when you are not a foodie right now, you’ll love the surfing and cooking demo days. It includes a trip to the souk (local market) to pick out the perfect ingredients.

And you will be doing plenty of great eating at this hostel.

Breakfast time at Amayour Surf Hostel

Every morning, they serve a Berber-style banquet for a communal breakfast for a reasonable price. Everything is freshly prepared and delicious. Seriously…you will love this as well, we guarantee it!

In the evenings, they host dinners where you can try local foods and get to know other guests.

On top of that, they offer plenty of day trips. They have different packages so you can choose exactly what you want.

Sunset Taghazout Morocco

If you’d rather do your own thing and just want a great place to sleep, they will provide you all the information you need.

If you’d like to try the full experience with all the bells and whistles, you can do that, too!

Oh, and did we mention the hostel is located just seconds away from the beach?

5. Top-notch staff

Behind any great hostel is a great team, and the people at Amayour Surf Hostel know that!

They use local staff and work to give back to the community, which pays off for the hostel, the staff, and the guests alike!

Their staff are also really friendly and have won awards in different booking platforms due to their excellent work. They also encourage guests to participate and get involved in all the fun stuff going on at the hostel.

As locals with a love for Taghazout themselves, they’re thrilled to share their knowledge of the place they cherish – as well as help you out with anything you need during your stay.

Hats off to them!

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