Adler Luxury Hostel - Full review of Singapore's only 5 Star Hostel (and 5% discount code)

Adler Luxury Hostel – The Boutique Hostel in China Town, Singapore

Welcome to top-notch luxury in Singapore, the Adler Luxury Hostel. Always mentioned as one of the best hostels in Singapore and Asia, we were extremely excited to visit it. The glossy dorms, the neat design. Would it live up to expectations? Our full review of Adler Luxury Hostel. It covers everything you need to know, including dorms, social vibes and location.

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  • Location of Adler Luxury Hostel?

    Stay in the heart of Singapore!

    The location is simply fantastic. You will be staying in the very heart of the city centre, right in China Town. China Town itself is a must-visit in Singapore. ”China Town“ and ”Telok Ayer“ metro stations are just 1 street away. Right in front you have the Sri Mariamman Temple, a beautiful temple to visit. Take off your shoes and walk in.

    View from our dorm at Alder Luxury Hostel: Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

    The Hop-on-Hop-Off Tourist bus leaves directly from Adler’s front door. Perfect!

    The Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus leaves from the door step of Adler Luxury Hostel

    Around the corner you have many bars to go for a drink. The bars are The Coconut Club, Beaujolais, Bar Naked and Mortimer. Just walk out of the hostel and turn left, and take the first left. Here you are.

    For eating in the area, just two streets away, we fell in love with Yi Xin Vegetarian. It is incredibly cheap (less than $2/ 2€ per dish). Get some rice and order whatever you fancy from the food display. Many dishes look like meat or fish and are made 100% out of tofu. Super tasty for meat-lovers too! The medium-priced option in the area is Old Nyonya, the food court to eat with the locals.

    If you want to treat yourself, visit Senso to get some delicious Italian food.

    China Town, right in front of Adler Luxury Hostel
    Full Address: 📍 Adler Luxury Hostel, 259 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058808
  • All room types at Adler Luxury Hostel 🛌🏾

    Private Room Types available: No private room types available. For couples, we recommend the King Bed in Mixed Dorm.

    Shared Room Types available: Queen Bed in Female Dorm, Single Beds in Female Dorm, King Bed in Mixed Dorm (for couples), 1 extra-large double bed, Mixed Dorm

    Not sure what room to pick? Our guides will help you to decide:

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Update: Adler Hostel is now named Atelier Hostel.

Adler Luxury Hostel, or Adler Hostel as we call it for short, is a top-notch hostel. Whenever you look for the best hostels in Singapore, you will come across this place. The building is located in China Town, Singapore.

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This is really close to the downtown area, and only a short metro-ride away from the famous Gardens by the bay.

Its location and facilities make it the perfect hostel for couples, solo-travelers and small groups. We will walk you through all details in this review of Adler Luxury Hostel.

Besides, we also wrote a guide to the 28 fun things to do in Singapore, including nightlife and free stuff.

This hostel is a great hostel for:

  • Couples
  • Tranquil Solo-Travelers
  • Small groups
  • Digital Nomads

If you are looking for an active hostel with lots of opportunities for meeting people, better stay at one of the other best hostels in Singapore. On you can compare prices for hostel in Singapore. Very easy to use and handy to save money!

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Adler Luxury Hostel - Full review of Singapore's only 5 Star Hostel (and 5% discount code)

We are Hostelgeeks, your gateway to the world’s best hostels, the 5 Star Hostels. Besides Adler, we have also visited and reviewed many more Asian hostels.

Top destinations we cover are:

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Adler Luxury Hostel in a Review

So, still curious about Adler Hostel, right? If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen our live-walk through Adler Hostel.

Join us on Instagram for our walks through 5 Star Hostels. We usually announce them beforehand via Facebook.

Let’s get a creamy coffee in the lobby in this luxury hostel in Singapore. It is time to find out what’s all the fuss about.

The Design wows

It does not take long to realize, there’s some deep design passion here. You are greeted by the reception desk on the left-hand side. Right behind you will see numerous seating options.

Maybe the sofa to play some PlayStation?

We prefer the seating corner to have a quiet read. Up to you!

Have a seat at the luxury lounge at Adler Hostel.

First things first: Anna having a close look on the hostel decor at Adler Hostel

Adler Hostel stands out for many reasons. The location is simply perfect, and the interior speaks for itself. The unique part we see are their spacious rooms to unwind.

What types of rooms are here?

There is a wide range of shared room types available. These are

  • Queen Bed in Female Dorm
  • Single Bed in Female Dorm
  • King Bed in Mixed Dorm (for couples)
  • 1 extra-large double bed
  • Mixed Dorm

There are no private room types available. For couples, we recommend the King Bed in Mixed Dorm.

Read: our full guide to hostel room types.

Especially the female dorms are very popular here. There’s a simple reason for that. These rooms are completely designed for the modern female-traveler.

Female-only dorms are well-equipped at Adler Luxury Hostel

We were in our dorm, sitting on the sofa, when three Americans came in.

WOWZIE!“, exclaimed one of the three.

The other one said ”this is awesome, so much space“, when he glimpsed his pod for the first time. They were actually three soldiers, stationed in Japan. They were in town for a city break.

We learned during our stay that this is quite a standard reaction when people walk into the rooms.

On our live Instagram-walk through the hostel, we showed every single corner.

From the lobby, up to the dorms and facilities. Interestingly enough, the reaction of our community was quite similar.

The luxury dorms at Adler Hostel Adler Luxury Hostel: A luxury dorm

The glamorous bathrooms at Adler HostelThe Double Bed in the dormFree ear-plugs and water of bottle, placed on your pillow

Every single bed comes with a fluffy towel and a bottle of Adler Hostel-branded water.

The beds are so-called pods, giving you the privacy you need in a dorm. Every pod has its curtain as well as a big locker inside. The locker is seriously huge. It easily fits a big backpack.

The locker does not require a padlock. Simply put in your own code and lock it. Follow the instructions on the locker. It is super easy, you will see.

Nevertheless, we actually the padlock a must-have on our packing list for hostels.

Quick story: We actually managed to lock our stuff in, forgetting the code. Don’t worry, the staff has a master key, and they can open it for you again. Lucky us!

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How social is Adler?

The guests at Adler Hostel Singapore come from all over the place.

We have seen many hostels with a specific group of travelers. But at Adler, you will find travelers of all ages and nationalities. That being said, there is one thing they all have in common: they are keen about premium hostels.

We love to chat.

Many of our fellow travelers told us, that they picked this accommodation for its design and reputation. No coincidence; after all, this is why we are here as well.

So, what about the vibes, you may ask?

At the moment, there are no social events planned by the team.

The breakfast time is the best to get in touch with your fellow hostel mates.

If you are a solo-travelers, looking for a place to mingle, we would rather recommend COO Boutique Hostel.

Check out our gull guide to the best hostels in Singapore for more details.

One disadvantage we have to mention:

The breakfast at Adler Hostel is basic.

There is bread and jam and coffee. Although the coffee is really good, the rest was average. Yet, we think for this price and the quality of the rooms and such, it is completely OK.

We just want to mention this to have this review of Adler Hostel complete!

Other than that, people usually head out to explore Singapore.

They visit China Town, take the metro to the gardens on the bay, have a drink on the most famous rooftop terrace, you name it.

Travelers in Singapore are typically in town only for 2-3 days.

Things to do in Singapore: Hang out at the bay Marina Bay

If you want to mingle and connect later on, come to the lounge in the evening. This is when travelers head back home to have a quick rest.

Mostly people head out to have a few cold ones.

There are a couple of hip bars right around the corners of Adler Luxury.

Hipster Area in Singapore

The owner of Adler Hostel

The hostel is named after the owner himself.

Adler, that’s his name, is a world-traveler. He traveled around Europe and fell in love with the concept of hosteling.

As with many hostel origins, this was the kick-off to his own hostel dream. He started his passion-project back in late 2012.

Ever since, his hostel has become one of the best luxury hostels in Asia and the world.

Since its opening, the hostel has expanded to a new building, just two buildings next to the main one. Here you have the breakfast lounge and the spacious dorms with double-beds.

Adler is full of new ideas, and he keeps improving and adapting the accommodation to travelers’ needs.

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Things to do in Singapore

During our time visiting, we explored almost everything. Here is our ultimate guide on 28 COOL Things to do in Singapore.

Here is a list of things to do in Singapore we enjoyed:

  • The mall Marina Bay Sands (with a superheroes café and Little Venice)
  • Visit the famous Mermaid lion
  • Join a Pub Crawl
  • Gardens by the bay and the light show
  • Botanical garden with its National Orchid Garden (really recommended!)
  • Theater Boutique
  • Dive into the world of Little India
  • Art science museum (inside a giant lotus)
  • Light show Marina Bay Sands
  • Wander the Hipster area of Tiong Bahru
  • Get a history lesson at the British underground command center
  • Visit the most Southern point of continental Asia

The Hop-on-Hop-Off Tourist bus leaves directly from Adler’s front door. It is the easiest and fastest way to get around.

Here is a handy 4-day itinerary for Singapore, I found at the travel blog phenomenal globe.

The Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus leaves from the door step of Adler Luxury Hostel

The last bridge from continental Asia Gardens By The Bay

The Botanical garden in Singapore. Worth it a visit!

Pack smart, not hard…

Remember to pack accordingly for staying in a hostel – yet, do not overpack.

Here’s our full packing list, including Noise-Cancelling ear plugs and your padlocks.

Packing List for Backpacking

Wrap it up

We enjoyed our stay and highly recommend this accommodation.

In this review about Adler Luxury Hostel we tried to share with you our honest, first-hand experience.

The location is fantastic, you have a great good-night rest and for the social people, there is plenty of nightlife around.

It is a great hostel-choice for couples as well as solo-travelers. If you have any question, please leave a comment below or drop us an email. We always reply – personally!

Enjoy the hostel and safe travels!
The Hostelgeks

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