7 Fells Hostel is located in the far north of Finland in Äkäslompolo, a small village in a town called Kolari, close to the ski resort Ylläs. In wintertime it’s the perfect hostel in Äkäslompolo to experience the elusive aurora borealis, go ice skating on a frozen lake, or jump on a snow mobile. James Bond style.

At the end of the day you can check out the typical Finnish sauna for a small extra charge – 100% recommended! In the summer it’s the perfect spot to discover the beautiful, natural landscape of Äkäslompolo and Kolari in Lapland, and go for long hikes.

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This is a review of Seven Fells Hostel, a modern hostel up in the North of Finland.

Review of 7 Fells Hostel in Äkäslompolo

Eco-Friendly Hostel in Äkäslompolo

1. Sustainable – here you support the local economy!

7 Fells Hostel is owned and managed by Tinja, a backpacker in her 30s, who hasn’t aged a day since 25. At the hostel they organize a handicraft fair where locals have the chance to present and sell their products commission free.

There had never been anything like that in the village before and 7 Fells Hostel is planning more events over the year! 7 Fells Hostels uses Eco-friendly cleaning products, buys green electricity, and, last but not least, they serve organic tea and coffee every day – for free!

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Hostel Design at 7 Fells Hostel in Lapland, Finland

2. Cozy, Eco-Friendly, Handmade

Every room is designed in a unique distinctive style. Every piece of furniture at 7 Fells Hostel is secondhand, refurbished, and therefore up-cycled – we simply love this! The 7 Fells Hostel is a complete pet-friendly hostel (excluding dormitories). All pet friends are welcome to hang out in the lounge too if they can behave and are educated – we love this!

In the near future the walls will have handpicked works of art from local artists and awesome photo art from around the world.

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Hostel Akaslompolo with the Northern Lights - what a mind-blowing view

3. The Billion Star Hostel

In our first conversation with Tinja, the owner of 7 Fells Hostel, she said

“My hostel is a billion star hostel, you can see the northern lights and stars from your dorm bed”.

Apart from the cozy, home-style atmosphere, its unique location provides the chance experiencing the northern lights, a truly mind-blowing experience.

Super Cozy, Cuddly, and Relaxing

4. Super Cozy, Cuddly, and Relaxing

Travelers at 7 Fells Hostels always call it their home. The big cozy lounge with its warm atmosphere and fireplace invites you to peace out, have a hot beverage, and relax. The hostel lobby feels like a living room where you can eat, read your book and get to know your other hostel mates.

Seven Fells Hostels in Akaslompolo

5. Feels like home in Äkäslompolo – the Staff

100% local – 100% local tips! The staff supporting Tinja at 7 Fells hostel is exceedingly friendly and welcoming, and will make your stay even more comfortable. Your new friends in Äkäslompolo are waiting for you!