Heading to Lyon? Then stay here! You are just about to learn 5+1 things to do in Lyon, the french way to enjoy the city. Local and unique, as all our Geeky Guides!

Lyon is very famous for its food scene. The acclaimed chef Paul Bocuse has several restaurants and a culinary school in Lyon.

But it is not only about food in this marvelous city! Lyon is known as the Little Paris due to the architectural beauty. The best part about Lyon? There’s no pressure to visit all the world-famous historic sites.

You can just STROLL, EAT, AND ENJOY!

We have to confess we are no experts for Lyon, but we are lucky to know just the right person. Together with our blogger friend Catherine Rose, from La vie en C-rose, we are happy to share with you this 5 things to do in Lyon. Catherine is a Californian expat living in France since 2013. She is an expert about French culture!

If you just can’t help yourself and want to go to Paris afterwards to compare the cities, we have also 5 local tips for Paris, and +24 Fun things to do in Paris. And if you are just still hungry (don’t think it might happen), Bologna should be your next stop for every food-lover! Check our Bologna travel tips.

We show you following 5+1 things to do in Lyon

  1. A tiny restaurant who became a giant in the Culinary Scene 
  2. A top-notch coffee place with a very french touch
  3. Market experience tips – shop like a local!
  4. An eclectic wine bar 
  5. Best neighborhood for windling

Bonus: 6. La Fête des Lumières

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5+1 Things to do in Lyon - Doing it the real FRENCH way!

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