Barcelona Central Garden is a family-friendly accommodation, also recommended for couples, and solo-travelers looking for a relaxed stay in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Central Garden in a review…

Let’s dive into the details of BCN Central Garden.

1. Support local economy!

Barcelona Central Garden is managed by locals, who work with local organizations to offer you free tours, bike rentals and more.

This means whenever you stay here, you’re supporting local industry.

5 Star Hostel Barcelona Central Garden in Barcelona

2. Simple and Cozy Design – just like Home

The hostel design is basic and furnished like with the home of a family with a passion for travel.

You can find travel maps from all over the hostel, board games to play, and of course plants – this comes with the name, doesn’t it?!

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Barcelona Central Garden Design Hostel in BCN

3. staff makes this place unforgettable

In a nutshell: laid-back!

The character and vibes coming from the hostel staff are the unique reason why this hostel is a full 5 Star Hostel.

Combined with its location, Central Garden is the best hostel for slow-travelers, and people looking for relaxed, cozy accommodation in Barcelona.

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4. Meet travelers of all ages

This hostel is your friend in Barcelona with even more friends staying there. The atmosphere is easy-going and relaxed.

There are plenty of small events in and around the hostel you can join such as Flamenco or Tapas nights. This is accommodation for genuine travelers and families, not a party hostel in any way.

This means you won’t find any Stag or Hen parties or big noisy groups around the hostel.

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5. friendly staff give 100% amazing tips

This hostel is way more than just a place to stay.

Sit and slow down, get to know your fellow travelers, and even the staff. Whatever you may need, the staff is 100% here for you.

They will even send you another confirmation or let’s say information email a couple of days before you arrive to make sure you find the way.

They also send you information on how to arrive safely to the hostel and mentions some tourist traps and scams to avoid.

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