So you are about to travel to Ghent, and looking for 5 Secret Tips in Ghent? We from Hostelgeeks are happy to share with you 5 hidden gems to get know this hipsters paradise off the beaten path! Ghent is one of the hippest places in Europe, becoming a more and more popular spot for travelers looking for a city-break away from Paris or London.

In cooperation with the 5 Star Hostel Backstay Hostel we created this Geeky Guide Gent to show you 5 local secrets. Get to know Ghent one coffee and local beer at a time! You can download the guide right here for free to use all recommendations offline.

When in Ghent, you should also stop by in Leuven, a small hidden gem, close to Brussels. We also have Geeky Guides with 5 Leuven Tips. Leaving for the Netherlands? Make sure you check out the 5 Local Tips for Amsterdam, and 5 Secret Tips for Rotterdam!

Get 5 Secret Tips Ghent for free:

Geeky Guide Ghent tells you following secrets:

  1. the most vibrant coffee place for brunch & lunch
  2. Art-lover? We show you the most artsy part of Ghent
  3. A Kitsch-Shop to get lost: from vintage posters to postcards – a cute shop for most likely everything
  4. The hipster café in Ghent to get your daily caffeine fix (and to get work done if you are a digital nomad)
  5. the epicenter of nightlife in Ghent – see the city by night with these things to do in Ghent

Extra Tip: We updated this guide and included a fab vibrant place to get your hair done, get a coffee and enjoy live music! This place is super, super local!

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