We are glad to share with you these 5 unique New York travel tips.

This Geeky Guide here is the Brooklyn edition, featuring 5 wow-tips only for the Brooklyn area.

New York City is huge.

Therefore, we decided to bring you two New York City Guides.

You can check out the 8 Manhattan Travel Tips by local New Yorker!

We LOVE local travel tips.

And we enjoy to share them – with you! But we at Hostelgeeks are no New York experts. This Brooklyn Geeky Guide is created by our friend Chloe Olewitz, a born-and-raised New York City local, for real!

Incredible, huh?

We also thought they did not exist nowadays.

Chloe works as a creative strategist and freelance writer, and is a raised New Yorker.

She knows the city pretty well!

We at Hostelgeeks and Chloe share the same passion for travel and we love local places.

Therefore, Chloe is the perfect person to bring us these New York City travel tips.

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Sneak-peek of the 5 Brooklyn travel tips:

  1. A pure Pan-American bliss where you can enjoy amazing food while delighting a Cocktail
  2. Have a coffee and learn  about roasted coffee!
  3. Try an awesome hand-made creamy ice cream which has also crazy trendy names
  4. A display of some of the most talented local artists– prepare your camera!
  5. A unique activity – become an expert Archer!

More cool info on NYC

Unique New York Travel Tips, Brooklyn by a Local

New York is a unique city. Even though we all have a formed idea in our mind, fed from films or series, it won’t leave you indifferent.

Brooklyn is more famous than ever these days as New York City’s hot spot borough, it also makes up an important part of the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Luckily for food lovers and fans of everything new to New York City, that means that there are incredible restaurants, delicious cafes, and fun places to spend an afternoon or a weekend out in Brooklyn.

There are countless ways to discover the many neighborhoods Brooklyn has to offer, so here are a few of Chloe’s favorites across the board.

From a born-and-raised New York City local, to you, with LOVE.

Special Thanks to our friend Chloe!

We, Anna&Matt, would like to thank again our friend Chloe to put together these 5 Brooklyn travel tips.

Many thanks for sharing them with the Hostelgeeks Community!

You can also say Hi to Chloe on Instagram.com/Colewitz.

We would also love to see your photos from this amazing New York travel tips. If you are trying any of them, remember to tag us on instagram.com/hostelgeeks 

Remember: You can download the 8 Manhattan Travel Tips also for free on our website!

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