Cape Town is a big international city with a huge significance in world’s history. Due to its location at an important trade route Cape Town is influenced by many other cultures around the world. Personally, we are no experts when it comes to Cape Town. So? How can we have here any recommendations?!

Easy: Our friend Annika from used to live in the most southern city in Africa. She knows Cape Town inside out plus we enjoy her travel style! This is the perfect mix to bring you this unique secret guide.

Therefore, let us proudly introduce you the the newest 5 local tips for Cape Town. With these recommendations you can enjoy Cape Town in a local way. Together with Annika we show you great activities, where to enjoy the local art scene, and where you can get the best burger in town.

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Enjoy these recommendations and Cape Town,

The secret guide Cape Town covers:

  1. A place where you can drink while doing good.
  2. Want the best burger in Cape Town? We will take you there!
  3. The all-in-one stop for your weekend shopping.
  4. Cape Town’s monthly get together – a city crawl of a different kind.
  5. Where to find new friends to chase the waves with – great activity!

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