The 14 absolute worst Travel Tips you need to knowWe put together some extremely bad travel tips we heard from some people around the world, read on twitter, found in Facebook groups, and so on.

Here is a top 14 list of things you do not need to know.

These are the travel tips you will never ever need. Or, maybe you will need to avoid them.

Only in town for the weekend?

Make sure you read the 7 worst travel tips for a weekend trip.

At the end of this article we include a few handy information on how to find good travel tips.

Bloggers share their best advice to find hidden gems and a few guides.

1. Stay in your accommodation, everywhere else is dangerous

You do not know the city, you do not know the people.

The best you can do is staying at your accommodation (hopefully not a Hostel, see #2) and wait until this trip is over. But please do not forget point #7 – your friends at home need to see that you have actually been abroad.

Remember: No photo =  no proof.

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2. Never stay at Hostels

There are people from around the world and the atmosphere is annoying. Those people in the hostel usually wanna talk to you, and try to get in contact with you – there is nothing more annoying than this.

Plus, you may not have your very own bathroom like you do at home. Home is anyway better, right?! Sharing with other people is so annoying.

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3. Eat Next to the most Famous Building in Town

Fancy designed Restaurants located next to the most famous buildings in your destination are usually there for a reason: Fair price, local people, and delicious food.

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Piazza San Marco in Venice - sitting down, but no picnic at least at night

4. Always book 366 days in advance

Most of the time everything is way cheaper when you book more than 1 year in advance.

5. Never try Street food

Street food all around the world is dangerous and can kill you.

Do not trust any street vendors except they are from your very own country.

Vietnamese Food

6. Always order a beer/ wine you know

No one else is brewing beer/ making wine better than your own country and this is a fact. Ask the waiter or bar tender if they offer any drink from your own country. It may be more expensive (~47%) but it’s worth it.

They even put warning signals on glasses: “AWFUL TASTELESS CRAP

“Here at Galway Bay Brewery, it makes us feel AWFUL that so many people out there are forced to drink TASTELESS and bland beer. So we decided we would cut the CRAP and carefully hand-craft our beer for flavor.”

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Awful Tasteless Crap in Dublin

7. Take at least 374 photos of the most famous building in town

You paid so much money to get to your destination so you should make sure you are taking good photos.

You know, for showing your friends at home.

You should try to take a photo by laying down on the bottom to get the full church from an interesting angle.

Take as many photos as you can

8. Video tape everything you can


When you are at home you want to experience your experience again to have a deeper experience of your experience.

9. Just use the tourist buses and transport for tourists

Tourist transport is usually 12 times more expensive but it’s absolutely worth it.

Nobody wants to use the public transport the regular people use. Furthermore, you should avoid renting a car. Every other person in this world drives like a crazy monkey.

Tourist Bus in Madrid - worst Tip ever

This photo shows the touristic Bus in Madrid. Find our Secret Tips for Madrid here.

10. Update Facebook with your Travel Photos

There is a certain rule of updating your status on your social media channels when traveling. Here is a small guide on how to act correctly when traveling:

Here is what you need to upload to Social Media – the ULTIMATE guide:

  • Before you actually travel, post a mysterious sentence such as “yeah, travel plans are done“, or “Can’t wait to get on the plane“. This way you can be sure your friends Facebook-Buddies will actually write a comment and ask where you travel. Always keep the interaction-rate in mind.
  • Upload at least 17 photos for each 8,5 days of food you ordered. Make sure you take that much photos that it’s already cold when you wanna start eating. Maybe you can give it back to heat it up again in the microwave? Just ask your waiter.
  • Upload 36 photos to Instagram for every two days you travel. It is easy and you can even connect it to facebook as well. The vintage filters make you look even cooler.
  • 735 Check In’s on FourSquare for a total trip or 28 Check-Ins per Day – this is up to you and whatever you feel comfortable with.

You can follow us as well on Instagram…just saying!

11. Choose a Free-WIFI Restaurant

At the end of the day, every Restaurant is the same: Some food and some drinks.

Make sure you to pick your restaurant wisely by checking their specials. Free WiFi connection is nowadays standard (except at your hotel – Free WiFi for just 10€ a day) and this way you can get #10 done.

Fruit bowl and tasty food at Captain Coconuts

12. Never Pay any street artist, take photos nevertheless

Street artists are getting paid the city council anyway, right?

And even if not, there are enough other tourists that should pay him. Make sure you spent your money wisely on a semi-delicious overpriced dish close to the most famous building in town (see #3).

We took this photo in Paris.

(PLEASE remember: this post is pure sarcasm! Please be fair and pay street artists in case you’d like to take a photo!)

Streetartist Paris

13. Put Love Locks on every bridge you see

What symbolizes more love than a lock?

On your travels you should put a love lock on as many bridges as you see. Make sure you bring enough love locks with you. It might be expensive but it is worth it.

This is actually the reason why Paris and Venice are expensive destinations to visit – but hey, it’s purely romantic.

Love Locks in Dublin

14. Play with the Pigeons

A lot of cities have offer pigeons-hotspots like main squares or in front of churches.

Forget the fact that you can get several diseases from playing with Pigeons.

It’s more important to enjoy the moment between 8.517 pigeons, to feed them, and take photos with them. At home you may not have the opportunity to feed them all at once.

And if you are lucky enough, you may even have the chance to put a Pigeon on your head – how lovely is that?

Pigeons in Paris - Lovely Activity for Tourists

Summary of the Worst Travel Tips

You see, the world is full off danger and odd things, not worth it to check out anyway. Always remember, your own country is the best in everything anyway. So, what’s the point of going out there and explore?!

Find the 5 most common backpacker mistakes here.

How to find great travel tips?

Of course there is many ways to find decent and solid travel information. The best resource I found is still: Asking friend who’ve been there already.

A hostel is also a great place to getting your plan started. Often you find people who just got back from that area/ city/ island.

Ask, socialize, interact.

We also asked 12 bloggers to share their best secret to find hidden gems.

Read the full article about how to find great travel tips here.

For instance, you can hunt down the local record store. Another great tip is using Foursquare.

Of course, the classics like Lonely Planet is always a good idea.

Yet, keep in mind: you are not the only one using Lonely Planet. The places mentioned in Lonely Planet are (most likely) already touristic. However, it is a really great resource to find information.

Personally, I do not travel with Lonely Planet guides since I like to travel light. But, I always read them in hostels.

Our own Guides

Here at Hostelgeeks we started our own guides, collecting hidden gems and a few secrets spots we, users or our writers found and cherished. You can get these guides for free – hopefully bs-free  -and loaded with serious recommendations you mostly likely do not find anywhere else.

Check out our secret travel guides here.

Find the worlds best hostels here, the 5 Star Hostels.

What’s the worst travel advice you’ve ever received?

Tell us, we are curious hearing your experiences!

Safe travels,
Anna&Matt and Team


This post is 100% ironic, please remember!

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The 14 absolute worst Travel Tips you need to know