1 1/2 Month of Travel and Work in France

I was studying abroad in Strasbourg, France and wanted to do the travel around Europe and find myself deal. While I was planning, a friend in the programme introduced me to HelpX, a network that lets you work internationally for room and board. You typically work 4 days out of the week and travel for the rest. After some searching, I decided to go for it!

For a month and a half, I worked at an organic hotel and restaurant in the tiny village of Tichville, France. Population: 10 people and hoards of ducks, chickens and cows. I worked as a waitress in the restaurant and general garden help. I picked tiny strawberries, fed chickens, made elderflower syrup, laughed with guests as they helped me with my French and had colourful conversations drinking cider and staring at the stars.

On our days off, we could go wherever. I biked to Camembert (where the cheese is from), couchsurfed in Caen, had our hosts’ friends show us the D-Day beaches and swam in the river. I just went with the flow and it worked out fabulously! Sometimes less is more.