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Come on in and make yourself comfortable; this is the Yard Hostel in Helsinki – the first and only 5 Star Hostel in the capital of Finland. Here you will find yourself right in the middle of the giggle, on one of the only walking streets in the city. Crammed full of restaurants, bars and cafes, you’ll be stuck choosing between the Finnish hustle and the Yard’s very own social (space) bustle.

With a heavy focus on Finnish design and local art, this neat and chic 5 Star Hostel in Helsinki is in the heart of an iconic 1912 building. Choose between private and dorm rooms. Mix with guests and staff alike in the large social area. Bond over a movie, or a game, or one of their special events – the choice is yours at The Yard Hostel!

Welcome to The Yard Concept Hostel Helsinki

Here at Hostelgeeks we strive to find the very best hostels around the world. The Yard Hostel, not to be confused with the 5 Star Hostel in Berlin Wallyard Concept Hostel, meets the required transparent criteria perfectly. And because of this, it has won the 5 Star Hostel award.

If you are traveling around the Baltic Sea, now you have the perfect 5 Star Hostel route! Near The Yard in Helsinki you have inBox Capsule Hotel in St. Petersburg, Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu and Seagulls Garret Hostel in Riga. 4 countries; 4 stunning hostels to explore.

But I hear you asking ‚why‘? Well we thought you might be curious, so we’ve broken the criteria down in to 5 points that go a little something like this.

The Yard Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel because…

1. An iconic 1912 Building with finish furniture

Let’s begin then with criteria number one that The Yard Hostel meets perfectly; sustainability. The building that this hostel stands within dates back to 1912, and is quite iconic in downtown Helsinki.

When you step inside for the first time, take a deep breath and taste the air – is it lovely and fresh? It should be! The ventilation system has been newly fixed, which means there is no need for automatic air-conditioning.

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Relax at the Yard Hostel Helsinki Finland

What’s also great, when you look around, is that you will see locally crafted furniture. This includes the bunk beds, sofas and tables. There are only a few items that are not made within Finland, which means their support of the local economy is strong.

Not only that, but it provides their guests with a real sense of local craftsmanship and design. It gives the Yard Hostel a real Finnish feeling too, which we love. It remember us to  the 5 Star Hostel in Haarlem Hello I’m Local, where all furniture is Dutch.

Just around the corner is a bicycle rental. Although public transport is right on the doorstep of this hostel, the staff here encourages you to explore by foot, or by bicycle. After all, it is a beautiful location and would be enjoyed best at slow pace.

Needing some ideas for Helsinki? No worries, we collected some for you:

2. Neat and Chic Finish Design

The Yard is a pure concept hostel! We created an overview of all types of hostels.

The design at the Yard Concept Hostel is purely and proudly Finnish! This is because the owners want to show you what Finnish design is all about, by focusing on locally made products. Of course locally made products aren’t produced without skillful local people.

So, with the help of talented companies such as Kimmo Seppanen, Familon, Marimekko and Sasu Heikkila; the hostel is made up of Finnish styled bunk beds, sofas and beautifully crafted tables.

Best Concept Hostel Helsinki The Yard

In a nutshell, the hostel style is neat and chic. Dotted around are many plants, which are there to help keep the air fresh… and of course they bring beauty to the indoors, too!

Check out the common room as well: the ceiling is made of led which makes for an amazing light and a unique place to socialise with other travelers.

3. Focused purely on Finish Design

Believe it or not, the Yard Hostel is the first in Finland that is focused purely on Finnish design. But we at Hostelgeeks can’t understand it! Finnish design is bold and neat, and we love it.

Not only that, but The Yard is the only hostel situated in the heart of Helsinki. Therefore, this hostel is guaranteed to offer you a unique stay in the best location possible, and all on a budget price!

This isn’t just because they are the only hostel around, but because they are 100% Finnish and 100% committed to welcoming and delivering an excellent Finnish experience for their guests.

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4. Vibes: All about community

Where better to create happy vibes with old friends and new, than in a large common area? Well, we are happy to announce that this Concept Hostel has the perfect space. It’s not only big, but it’s homely and uniquely furnished.

Check out this quote from the staff: “We are all about creating a new market in Helsinki”

“chic and budget travel that is all about community!”

Going back to the common area; this is where the community really comes together. The staff organizes movie nights, game nights and special events (Finnish independence day, for example).

Best Hostel Helsinki The Yard

So even if you are traveling alone, there are perfect opportunities to make new friends, without the awkward conversation starter. Here is an overview of great hostels for solo-travelers. Not only that, but the staff are also around to make you feel welcome. They’re not there to sit at their desk all day/night, but to hang out with you – the guest – instead.

Another perfect way to get to know Helsinki, Finland and the local people within it.

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5. Passionate team

The entrepreneur behind this 5 Star Hostel is the 26-year-old Matilda who has travelled the world and has a true passion for Helsinki. Her mission is to make every guest fall in love with this Nordic wonderland.

In addition to her, the hostel has great reception staff that passionately want to make every guest’s trip just simply awesome. It won’t hurt to mention for a second time that they endeavor to spend as much time with their guests as possible, so be sure to say hello and get chatting about the area.

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Room at The Yard concept Hostel

As the Yard Hostel is just about to open its doors, there are no rewards to mention here. However! We strongly believe this will change soon. Once the world sees how great this hostel is, no doubt it will earn supreme status. As a Hostelgeek reading this, be sure to book yourself in for a night (or two) and share your pictures and comments with us and the hostel.

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All Room Types at The Yard Hostel

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Location Advantage of The Yard Hostel

The Yard Hostel is centrally located in Helsinki, just a 5-minute walk from Helsinki Central Station. Restaurants, bars and cafés can be found in the surrounding area.

It’s a perfect choice for travelers interested in design, architecture and museums.

Stockmann Department Store and Forum Shopping Centre are both located around the corner.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is 21 km away from The Yard Concept Hostel.

Check out the exact location of The Yard Hostel directly on Google Maps.

Full address: Kalevankatu 3, Helsinki, Finland

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