Caravan Buenos Aires - Porteña home with multicultural environment

Caravan BA

Buenos Aires

We at Hostelgeeks certify 5 Star Hostels based on transparent criteria. Criteria that every hostel, including Caravan BA hostel, meets with flying colours, standing out from the crowd in more ways than one. In Córdoba, Argentina, you can also stay at another remarkable hostel accommodation, the Onas Hostel & Suites. ... More about Caravan BA Buenos Aires

Onas Hostel in Córdoba, Argentina - the new level of hosteling!

Onas Hostel

Córdoba, Argentina

The Onas Hostel & Suites in Córdoba simply wowed us. Walking through the hostel, wandering around the large back and frontyard, this upscale hostel is without a doubt the new generation of hosteling. Onas Hostel is above and beyond your average hostel and ticks all the boxes of the highest ... More about Onas Hostel Córdoba, Argentina