Swanky Mint Hostel – Dry-Cleaning Factory with Swimming Pool

Located on one of Zagreb's main streets, the Swanky Mint Hostel is almost certainly unlike any other hostel you've ever seen. The 5 Star Hostel Swanky Mint does come in an industrial design; a unique hostel in more than one way. Can you guess the most recent upgrade? The Swanky Mint Hostel opened its own Swimming Pool - Shabang!!

Swanky” might not be the first word you’d associate with anything housed in a former industrial factory, but once you’ve stepped inside here, you’ll see why it’s the perfect word for this hip Zagreb Hostel.

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Time to have fun in a pool - in ZAGREB!

With cheeky nods to its industrial past combined with very modern conveniences, this superb hostel is the ideal place to stay when you’re visiting Zagreb. That’s not to mention the beautiful sunny terrace overlooking a garden, cool art dotted around Swanky Mint Hostel, the exceptionally friendly staff – and that’s just to start.

And oooooh, wait…the Swimming Pool! Swanky Mint Hostel recently upgraded to an own pool. On that note, should we load our water guns, and get started with the 5 Stars of Swanky Mint Hostel?

The Swanky Mint Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel because …

Fun Things to do in Zagreb plus a cosy Double Room

1. Sustainable Upcycling and Solar Panels

The Swanky Mint Hostel is all about sustainability, from the rooftop to the ground. The building the hostel is in has actually been upcycled – it used to be a dry cleaning factory! The former factory has been carefully restored to make sure it’s up to hostel standards. That means the windows have been caulked and the walls have been proofed to protect against noise and weather. It’s not often you get to stay in a hostel with so much history!

The dorm room at Swanky Mint Hostel

It’s not just the building that’s been upcycled though. The furniture from the lounge has been sourced from other places, so take a close look. You’ll be able to see everything from old hood dryers from barber shops and a mix of tables from all kinds of places.

The bedrooms follow the same philosophy, with all the beds being from OSB wood. You can really feel the building’s history when you’re in here.

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Good morning Breakfast with original Swanky Nutella

In addition to all this upcycling, Swanky Mint Zagreb also has a bunch of modern-day sustainable practices in place. They have solar panels installed, and they recycle as much as they possibly can. On top of that, the hostel is managed by a young team of local staff.

Any questions? The reception is here for you!

If you’re looking to get in on the eco-friendly fun yourself, they couldn’t have made it any easier. You can rent a bike and longboards directly at the hostel to get around the city center. As the hostel is right in the bike-friendly city center, you’ll be able to enjoy Zagreb like a local.

2. Authentic Style & Design

Like we talked about earlier, the designish Hostel Swanky Mint used to be a dry cleaning factory. It actually dates all the way back to 1888. But even though everything here is decidedly 21st century, there are touches that go back to the 1800s.

Follow the signs towards the building (it’s a bit tricky to get into), and as you get there you’ll already be able to see the huge factory windows. The hostel sign is etched on an old piece of metal as a throwback.

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In reception, you’ll find an old rolling machine with an illuminated globe decorating it. The walls have been left bare and stripped back, and the monkey bar is filled with fun industrial touches like multicolored metal chairs and wooden pallets strung with bright mini lanterns. It’s all authentic and reflects the city’s hip artistic vibe.

An old rolling machine with an illuminated globe - impressive Hostel Reception!

But while the bedrooms are still industrial-inspired, you won’t feel like you’re sleeping in a factory. The sleeping areas are all completely modernized, and the walls are painted white and adorned with colorful travel quotes.

The hostel’s bunk beds are made out of chipboard, while the private room has mattresses placed on pallets (just like the ones in the bar and kitchen) and have refurbished bed lamps by them. All the private rooms and studio apartments have A/C, free WiFi, and much more.

Here we created an overview of all different hostel room types you’ve to know about.

The best Hostel in Zagreb - no doubt!

3. Industrial Roots and Swimming Pool

Just in case the message hasn’t come across by by now, the Swanky Mint Hostel’s unique history is still part of its identity today. You will come across pieces of industrial machinery scattered all around the hostel.

The eco-friendly atmosphere and modern style is mixed together with nods to the hostel’s historical roots, making it a really special place to visit.

The famous Swanky Mint Monkey Bar

The history: The story starts in the later half of the 19th century, when the three Ondrušek brothers moved from their hometown in what’s now the Czech Republic to seek their fortunes. Vilim Ondrušek settle in Zagreb, where he opened a dry cleaners.

Later, he met his future wife, Ana, who also ran a dry cleaners. After the couple wed, they joined forces and bought the land where they would create their joint dry cleaners. Later on down the line, they expanded into textiles and steam-operated dyeing. That’s the factory that today is the Swanky Mint Hostel.

Book Exchange at Swanky Mint Hostel

While you won’t find a dry cleaners here anymore (sorry, fancy travelers, you’ll have to launder your suits elsewhere), there are all sorts of touches around the hostel that pay homage to the building’s unique history.

Swimming Pool in Zagreb? The Swanky Mint Hostel got it all

And what about the Swimming Pool? Since 2016, the 5 Star Hostels comes with a super cool swimming pool. There is nothing really to add here, or is it? Okay, how about the hostel pool rules!

The Hostel Pool Rules

4. 7-Day Social Scene

It doesn’t get much more social than the scene at the Swanky Mint! There are events all 7 days of the week, including relaxing events like free dinners and movie nights to drinking games for the more party-happy crowd. Wednesdays are especially cool with live music and DJs. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have occasional extra events like flea markets.


So there’s more plenty to keep you busy, and the staff make sure that the guests are participating and joining in. They’ll lure you in with voucher for a free first drink, which, unsurprisingly, many guests choose to take advantage of, so the bar is generally buzzing.

Fun Things to do in Zagreb plus a cosy Double Room

There’s also a terrace with a bar which is often frequented by locals who love to meet other people who’ve caught the travel bug. This mentioned bar with the terrace is called the Swanky Monkey Garden, a lounge bar locals also love so you can have a completely Croatian experience. Even if the bar scene isn’t your style, it isn’t hard to be social here with the cozy living room with shared board games and a book exchange.

Free Boobs? Just kidding, free fruit!

On top of that, the staff make you feel at very welcome in the hostel, and they create a cozy Croatian vibe that will make you feel like you’ve found a little piece of home in Zagreb. It goes without saying that Swanky Mint, same as all 5 Star Hostels, has a fully equipped kitchen. Here, and in the lounge, you can get free coffee all day long.

5. Sharing is caring – the staff

With all the work staff put into ensuring that you have a nice stay here, it’s no surprise that they get consistently fantastic ratings on major hostel rating websites. You’ll see words like “helpful”, “friendly”, “fun”, and “super-nice” used to describe them by guests who have stayed at the hostel.

Lots of love by the Swanky Mint Hostel Team

They’re also multilingual, and are more than happy to share their best-kept Zagreb secrets with you. Ask them for a recommendation for somewhere to go – whether that’s a café, a restaurant, or a bar – and they’ll let you in on their local secrets. They also have special ID cards that include a map of Zagreb with great recommendations.

To make sure that they keep attending their guests’ needs, they also have a suggestion box that’s open to everyone. In case there’s anything they can improve, they’ll completely open to hearing your feedback.

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All Room Types at Swanky Mint Hostel

Private Room Types available: Single Room, Double Room Studio for 2 or 4 Adults, Family Studio (3 Adults+3 children)

Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Mixed Dorm, 6-Bed Female Dorm, 8-Bed Mixed Dorm, 11-Bed Mixed Dorm

Not sure what rooms to expect? Here is our overview to the different room types at hostels.

Location Advantage and Neighborhood of Swanky Mint

The Hostel Swanky Mint is right in Zagreb's city center. You have a tram station right next to the hostel, and in the case you are planning to come with a car, close to this area are many parking spots. The hostel also has its own parking. Swanky Mint is a quick 5-10 minute walk away from the main train station in Zagreb, and there are plenty of bars and shops nearby. But don't worry about noise - as this is an old industrial building, no noise from the street (whether it's cars, trams, or happy bar-hoppers) can penetrate these walls.

The hostel location could not be any better. Also, as mentioned above, we recommend to get a bike or longboard from the hostel. In no time you will be all over Zagreb, and can visit the Poet who refuses to leave, the botanical garden, and other beautiful hidden gems in Zagreb!

How to get to Swanky Mint Zagreb Hostel:

Whether you are arriving with your car at Swanky Mint, by train, or plane, it is quite easy to find the hostel as it is located in the city center. The Swanky Mint Team created a detailed description on how to get here. Check the map on their website, and you will arrive easy and safe at your 5 Star Hostel in Zagreb!

Check out the exact location of Swanky Mint Hostel directly on Google Maps.

Full address: Ilica 50, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Secret Zagreb Tips

5 Secret Tips for Zagreb

Besides this stunning Hostel in Zagreb, we put together a unique secret guide to Zagreb with 1 rural restaurant, 1 cute little backyard cafe and more! We have been to the Croatian capital and had a blast thanks to all these local recommendations of friends, users, and bloggers. You can download this guide for free directly to your inbox so you can use it offline! Just type in your email and name, and enjoy Zagreb!

Cheers, Anna&Matt

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      You will love the Swanky Hostel and the Swanky Team!
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