5 Secret Tips for Quito (are you brave enough?)

Welcome to Quito, one of the best spots at Middle Earth! A city perched on valleys and surrounded by green tall Andes mountains. A city where buzz is out and you can more than geek-yourself-out. Without further ado – come with and explore.

We at Hostelgeeks put together 5 secret tips for Quito so you can enjoy Quito from its best side rather than just the touristic part of the city. You can find all our geeky guides with secret tips here.

The Geeky Guide Quito is completely free and as always 100% awesome!

Get the 5 Secret Tips for Quito here:

Enjoy Quito and the Secrets to Quito,


The Guide to Quito and its secrets:

  1. Get to know Quito fast and deep with our 1st secret tip
  2. Hiking and Eating in nature with a great view
  3. Yuppy! Get out of town and enjoy one day eating!
  4. Modern Culture in Quito
  5. Get out there and dance – a nightlife recommendation

+ Extra Tip: Improve your negotiating skills

+ Extra Geeky Tip: bring your swim suite!

On top of that, don’t miss this list of fun things to do in Ecuador.

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