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Berlin in late November already gives you an idea of the cold winter the German capital is facing. It is a chilly Saturday evening when we arrive back to WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL, the 5 Star Hostel in Berlin. On our way to the rooms, posters across the building tell us about a chill out DJ party this night, taking place in the stylish design lounge of the hostel. After a long day exploring Berlin, this sounds like a great idea for a tranquil night.

We are sitting in the lounge, chatting with fellow travelers and neighbors while listening to the DJ. By now we are quite a big group. Another guest opens the door, she looks at the bunch of strangers. Sure, a big group in a hostel can look intimidating in case you don’t know anyone, right?! So instead of joining, she walks passed by to sit by her own.

We invite her to join us. As it turns out, Mengying is a female solo-traveler from China. She is currently backpacking Europe, having a blast! Everybody shares a fun story while traveling through Europa until we end up talking about languages.

She explains to us the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese. And not just that. She actually shows us the difference by writing down words in Mandarin and Cantonese. As Europeans with no clue about Chinese or Sino-Tibetan languages at all, this was very interesting!

At the end, our new friend Mengying wrote for us Hostelgeeks in Mandarin. Should we change our logo now?!

5 Star Hostel in Berlin Wallyard Concept Hostel

Wallyard Concept Hostel and Insider Tips Berlin

Berlin is awesome, right? This is why we, Anna&Matt, put together a geeky guide with 5 insider tips Berlin. Additionally we found for you a stunning Hostel to stay in style and on budget. Say Hallo to Wallyard Concept Hostel Berlin, a boutique hostel combining an industrial design with the hipster vibe of Berlin.

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