Cool Hostels in Paris we recommend (no 5 Star Hostel)

What a pity, there are currently no 5 Star Hostels in Paris. Now, we know, this is really not cool! And we know how hard it is to find stunning hostels. In any city, everywhere.

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So, here is the good news: So many of you asked us for cool Hostels in Paris, that we decided to put together some cool Hostels in Paris you can enjoy. We had a close look on the hostels in the the french capital. Can we ensure you a fantastic stay? Yes, with these budget accommodations we found!

Besides the coolest hostels in the french capital, we collected +24 fun things to do in Paris. We show you roller blading, a forgotten railroad, Cherry blossom hunting, and more!

3 Cool Hostels in Paris

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The Street of Paris

Fancy authentic Secret Tips Paris?

When you have the chance to visit the City of Love, make sure you get an idea of the more local point of view. We created a Geeky Guide for the French Capital inducing 5 Secret Tips Paris! We show you simply 5 unique recommendations for Paris – by friend for friends. These tips include:

  • 1 yummy and authentic restaurant
  • 1 musem-styled jazz bar
  • the best crepes in Paris (cheap aaaaand super tasty)
  • 3 beautiful outdoor spots to hang out, have a wine, and watch the world
  • and the best café in Paris!

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Psssst...Local Tips for Paris!

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