Hostelgeeks is designed to award officially 5 Star Hostels based on values and design – completely transparent and authentic. Hostelgeeks is an independent and exclusive travel brand and travel blog of the most outstanding hostels in the world based on sustainability, Eco-friendliness, design, and vibes. The concept of 5 Star Hostels is unique to!

We simply show you the most outstanding hostel in your destinations! We do recommend to book the 5 Star Hostels through the official website of the hostel. This way you can save a lot of valuable travel money and help hostels to run their business. On each article about the 5 Star Hostels we lead you to the hostel website and the social links of the accommodation. Find more details on how to book the 5 Star Hostels.

Also, we show you 11 hacks how to book a Hostel like a pro!

Valencia Lounge Hostel in Valencia, Spain

A quick line about the people behind

Hola, we are Anna and Matt, the girl and guy behind Hostelgeeks. We are lovers of vintage & upcycled design, languages & puns, the sea & beach, hostels & travel, and the beauty of the world.

We do media: Photography, videography, writing, web development!

For more than 5 years now, we are working in the tourism industry. Over the time, we developed a wide knowledge in the fields of content context and influential marketing, and blogging.

Hostelgeeks is not the typical travel blog, and we are not the typical blogger. We enjoy being behind the scenes, making this blog all about the 5 Star Hostels!

We are Anna&Matt, the Hostelgeeks

Supporting local hostels and the local tourism industry, and raising awareness of today’s possibilities to travel in a sustainable way. Here we developed our concept of 5 Star Hostels in order to support and promote the most outstanding and sustainable hostels out there. By staying at a 5 Star Hostel, you are supporting Eco-friendly and sustainable accommodations, and you support the local economy. And for sure: You will have stayed at the most awesome hostels on this planet!

If you want to work with us, recommend a hostel or place to visit or just want to say Hi, please drop us an email.

Hostelgeeks: Anna&Matt

Why do we do Hostelgeeks?

Finding a great hostel in your destination is very time-consuming!  And we are your shortcut to the greatest Hostel in your destinations – simple as that!

Why? Because we enjoy working closely with the best hostels in the world. We visit them, listen to their stories and introduce them to you in a non-sales way.

What do we do?

5 Star Hostels, Geeky Guides, and Travel Stories!

Besides puns, this is what you can expect! We do all the leg work for you so you can pick the greatest hostel to stay at. Whilst we are exploring the most beautiful hostels in the world, we also check out many unique travel tips we get. Therefore, we decided to create unique guides with recommendations only a friend would give you: food, bars, cafés and unique local things to do!

We share our travels on our instagram channel and send over insider travel and hostel knowledge, wrapped up in our newsletter.

1. 5 Star Hostels

Choose your destination, and find the most awesome Hostel for your destination at 5 Star Hostels at a Glance – based on transparent criteria:

  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendliness
  2. superb design
  3. uniqueness
  4. social vibes
  5. top-rated staff

Valencia Lounge Hostel in Valencia, Spain

2. Geeky Guides – tips by friends for friends

We do not enjoy boring city guides! But we are excited about hidden gems and local secrets. We love these kind of tips a friend gives you. And this is how the Geeky Guides work!

We collect for you 5 Secret Tips in destinations across the world featuring usually

All guides are written by us, locals and expats – people who lived and experienced the city! We try to keep our best to provide you useful information off the beaten path! And then, sometimes, we cannot keep it for ourselves and we add even more geeky tips and extra tips.

You can find all Travel Guides here.

Schilthorn in Interlaken

3. Travel & Hostel Stories (max. 30 seconds read)

We love good stories!

And in fact we love these kind of short stories you are telling your friends back home. We are keen to share with you awesome short travel stories from travelers all around the globe. Check ’em out at Short Travel Stories.

We are also proud to share with you our Hostel Stories – anecdotes coming directly from our travelers at the 5 Star Hostels around the world!


Our passion, our goal

Long story short: We want to bring you the next generation of Hostels: 5 Star Hostels! Sustainable, beautiful, awesome!

Choose to make a difference - Photo by 5 Star Hostel TheBackpack Hostel in Cape Town, South Africa

Choose to make a difference – its the way we work, the way we live, and the way we are!
Photo by  the 5 Star Hostel TheBackpack in Cape Town

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