Ani&Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam – 5 Star Hostel in Artsy Design

Artsy, cool, charming. The Ani&Haakien Hostel is all about creating a sense of community. An oasis to slow down during your travels. With close attention paid to making the hostel a meeting space as well as functional, it's really easy to meet people and make friends at Ani&Haakien Hostel. You might even find yourself rubbing elbows with locals at one of their many events or in their vintage shop. Hello from Rotterdam's top hostel.

Great looks, and an even better style! The Ani&Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam is the one and only 5 Star Hostel in Rotterdam. Let us introduce you to a special and unique hostel in Europe.

Rotterdam is located right between the popular destination of Amsterdam and the new hipster paradise of Ghent. In both cities you will find more 5 Star Hostels. The Cocomama Amsterdam and Ecomama Amsterdam Hostel are calling both Amsterdam home. Ghent on the other hand features the hip Backstay Hostel Ghent, a hostel with a special newspaper-related history.

Get an instant feeling of the hostels atmosphere. Here is the official video of Ani&Haakien. Walk with us from the main train station Rotterdam to the accommodation, and get to know the vibes. The best 1:25 minute you will have spent today.

And: Action! You can find more hostel videos here.

Ani&Haakien Hostel is definitely the place to be in Rotterdam. Chill out and get inspired by fellow travelers and the city itself.

Let us show you around Ani&Haakien Hostel. First, we greet Suzy La Cubanita, the hostel pet, at the entrance. Then we are read to jump into the details. Why is Ani&Haakien is a unique Hostel, and even a 5 Star Hostel? We at Hostelgeeks will tell you why.

Having fun at Ani&Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam

Ani&Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam is a 5 Star Hostel because …

The lounge at Ani&Haakien Hostel

The lounge and common area at Ani&Haakien Hostel Rotterdam

1. Neighborhood Love – The Sustainable Factor

Ani&Haakien Hostel is located in the Central district area, a neighborhood that’s full of charming local touches. It hasn’t always been the best neighborhood in Rotterdam. But there’s a lot of government attention getting pumped in here to make it thrive. That means the streets are full of small, local entrepreneurs setting up shops.

You won’t find many chains here, meaning here you support the local economy!

Ani&Haakien hostel supports their neighborhood locals buy buying their meal ingredients from the local bakery, butcher, and supermarket. They also join in the many events going on, like festivals, tours, and open-air markets.

Last but not least you can directly rent a bike or long board at the hostel – a recommended way to discover the hidden spots of Rotterdam.

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2. Come Together Right Now – Art & Design

Ani&Haakien’s owners both studied art spaces, so they knew exactly what they were aiming for when designing the hostel in Rotterdam – a meeting space. The design has been carefully considered to create community. You can see it all over the hostel, like the beautiful and comfortable living room, and the long communal table in the kitchen.

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Hostel Design Ideas - The Ani&Haakien got a lot of inspiration

It’s pretty hard NOT to meet people and start chatting in here! As a bonus, the walls display cool artwork from the owners’ network of creative, artsy friends.

The place is loaded with vintage touches. From lamps, pictures, and chairs. The photos of Ani&Haakien Hostel speak for themselves, right?!

Cool Hostel dorm with plenty of space - Ani&Haakien

Cool Hostel dorm with plenty of space - Ani&Haakien

3. Chill-Out Central – The Uniqueness

We were just talking about the artsy side…but it doesn’t stop at the art on the walls. The accommodation has a bunch of bohemian spaces where you can chill out, slow down, and get inspired.

The Ani&Haakien Hostel is a mix of lifestyle and home-away-from-home Hostel. You can find more details about the 7 types of Hostels here.

Time to hang out at the hammock in the garden - Ani&Haakien Hostel

There’s a small studio space for whatever project you feel inspired to work on. They also have a vintage shop, an exposition of works by a local illustrator, and the occasional live music or film screening. If none of that takes your fancy, you can always relax in the hammock in the green garden. You might never want to leave the hostel!

The garden at Ani&Haakien Hostel Rotterdam

4. Locals Love It Too (Social Vibes)

Ani&Haakien Hostel loves being part of the neighborhood, and you’ll often see locals stopping in to visit, whether it’s to browse the latest stock at the vintage shop or check out one of the hostel’s many events. That means it’s pretty easy to meet and hang out with locals.

You know a Hostel is cool if it’s got the local stamp of approval! – Hostelgeeks

You can join here many events – and you should! From dinner nights, architecture tours and more. Just ask at the reception or take a look at the black board.

Ping Pong anyone? An improvised ping pong table at Ani&Haakien Hostel

What's your next move? The chill out ambient at Ani&Haakien Hostel

5. Sociable Staff

It’s always a bonus when a hostel’s staff go out of their way to make you feel at home, and that is definitely what happens here. You’ll feel like family in no time among creative, adventurous staff who share their love for travel and Rotterdam. They’ll tell you all about the best stuff going on in the city during your stay.

Bike Rental and Hashtag - #AniHaakien

They’ll also arrange some great activities too, like pasta and movie nights, tours revealing the true local side of Rotterdam, or just spontaneous nights out bar-hopping with guests. You might find yourself having a competitive match of foosball with the staff one night, and sharing an outside barbecue with them the following lunchtime.

It’s no surprise the guys here score amongst the very best for staff reviews on major hostel booking sites. Oh, and they have a very special staff member here who’s not your typical hostel worker – a little cat by the name of Suzy La Cubanita. This cat has just a super-glorious name. She will greet you when you enter the hostel.

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Suzy La Cubanita is watching - does he clean good enough?

Suzy La Cubanita and more stylish elements at Ani&Haakien Hostel

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All Room Types at Ani&Haakien Hostel

Private Room Types available: Double Room

Shared Room Types available: 6-Bed Dorm, 8-Bed Dorm, 10-Bed Dorm

Not sure what rooms to expect? Here is our overview to the different room types at hostels.

Advantage of the Location of Ani&Haakien

CENTRAL! The location is just great. Ani&Haakien Hostel is pretty much as close to the train station as you can get! It's a quick 1-minute walk from Central Station. Take the first right out of the station onto Weena street. You'll walk 500 meters, turn left and cross the street, and then you'll see a big green building (COOLSESTRAAT). Look out for number 47-49 - and you're there!

The location by the train station means it's easy to travel to other cities, like Amsterdam, Delf, Utrecht, and Den Haag. You can also rent a bike at the hostel and ride it to the Kinderdijk, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage

Check out the exact location of Ani&Haakien Hostel directly on Google Maps.

Full address: Coolsestraat 47-49, 3014 LC Rotterdam, Netherlands

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