Copenhagen Downtown Hostel - Scandinavian Chic to mingle

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel – Scandinavian Chic to mingle

According to major hostel booking websites, Copenhagen Downtown has been rated the best hostel in the city when it comes to value, location, atmosphere, facilities and overall experience. We are Hostelgeeks and we visit amazing hostels all over the world. Some of those fit the criteria and become 5 Star ... read more

Hopewell Lodge - Hidden paradise with lush gardens

Hopewell Lodge

Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

It didn’t take us long to realize that the Hopewell Lodge in Marlborough Sounds in the South Island of New Zealand is definitely worth becoming one of the 5 Star Hostels. After The Jugglers Rest, the first 5 Star Hostel in New Zealand, we were looking around for some other unique accommodations. ... More about Hopewell Lodge Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

and talk to students
Hoàn Kiếm Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

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First 24h in Hanoi – an introduction to the city by English-Students

“Are you busy?“, she asked us, and 6 more pairs of eyes were looking at us. We arrived in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. We just slowed down from our first wander around the old town of iconic Hanoi. We got a first glance of the city, and tested the waters for buying a motorbike in Hanoi. After all, this is the plan: getting two motorbikes and drive them from the North to the South of Vietnam. We just bought a soft drink, and sat down at the famous Hoàn Kiếm Lake, when these 7 young Vietnamese approached us. “Are you busy?“, she

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A message at Happynest Hostel
Happynest Hostel Phaholyothin Road Chiang Rai Provincia de Chiang Rai Tailandia

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You’re Never Fully Alone When Traveling Solo (first-time solo-travel)

Prior to my stay at the Happynest Hostel in Chiang Rai, I had been traveling the islands and Chiang Mai (home of the 5 Star Hostel Oxotel) with my husband and 6 other friends. Needless to say, we were rolling deep, which is a rare concept considering we’re all American and it’s hard to get that many people together to head overseas, let alone a weekend in Vegas! So it came without saying, that when everyone headed home to LAX, and I stayed behind to trek Thailand solo for a week, I felt alone and depressed. Don’t get me wrong,

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We Crocifieri in Venice - a full review

We Crociferi

Venice, Italy

Hostelgeeks visited and stayed at We Crociferi back in May, and brought back a bunch of photos and impressions. We are your independent gateway to the worlds unique hostels, the 5 Star Hostels. Around Venice, you can visit as well Bologna with its We_Bologna, another 5-Star-rated accommodation on a budget. ... More about We Crociferi Venice, Italy

Happynest Hostel in Chiang Rai - Inspirational Haven and Typewriters

Happynest Hostel

Chiang Rai, Thailand

However, when these backpackers have a look at Happynest Hostel, they will most likely reconsider. After finding Yim Huai Khwang Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Bangkok, we are proud to introduce you to another excellent 5 Star Hostel in Thailand. Also if you are backpacking Thailand, there are more ... More about Happynest Hostel Chiang Rai, Thailand

5+3 Local Tips for Barcelona - Authentic Non-Marketing Tips

5+3 Local Secrets to Barcelona (no one actually wants you to know!)

Enough “touristy tips”, here are the 5+3 local secrets to Barcelona, our home! We live, breath, love Barcelona! This Mediterranean pearl offers everything from beach, stunning architecture, delicious food, mountains … the list is endless. Especially in such a touristic hotspot, you need to know the real places to experience ... read more