Menorca Images - The Hostelgeeks Photo Journal

Menorca – Virgin Beaches with a peaceful flair

Menorca; you have stolen our heart. These Menorca images and photos capture our passion for Menorca. The small island north of the famous Mallorca controls the access of tourism, and has nearly 50% of its land protected. It is also a declared Biosfere Reserve by the UNESCO. This makes this island ... read more

Hostel Ole in Alicante - Culture immersion in a 5 Star Hostel

Hostel Ole

Alicante, Spain

Hostel Ole Alicante will do everything in their power to provide that home-away-from-home feeling. But that isn’t to say new experience and excitement is lost. At Hostel Ole in Alicante you can join tours or explore at your leisure; the staff are eager to help either way. Just as in ... More about Hostel Ole Alicante, Spain

Beautiful Andorra – Hiking between the clouds

2500 meters above sea level, nestled in between the high mountains of the Pyrenees. Andorra is one of the smallest countries of Europe, and home to Mountain Hostel Tarter. The majestic mountains are your playground for hiking and cycling in summer. And together with the numerous cable cares and ski lifts, Andorra is your ... read more

Onas Hostel in Córdoba, Argentina - the new level of hosteling!

Onas Hostel

Córdoba, Argentina

The Onas Hostel & Suites in Córdoba simply wowed us. Walking through the hostel, wandering around the large back and frontyard, this upscale hostel is without a doubt the new generation of hosteling. Onas Hostel is above and beyond your average hostel and ticks all the boxes of the highest ... More about Onas Hostel Córdoba, Argentina

Memory Hostel - Fire-spitting Dragon and Million Tiles in Da Nang

Memory Hostel

Da Nang, Vietnam

The Memory Hostel is a remarkable budget accommodation, perfect for every traveler looking for a unique hostel with character. We will introduce you the accommodation in Da Nang, a large city in the center of Vietnam, located right on the coast at the opening end of the Han River. We are ... More about Memory Hostel Da Nang, Vietnam