Sharing a room with glass walls to the bathroom with strangers
Nanning, China

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Sharing a room with glass walls to the bathroom with strangers!

When I came for the first time to teach English in China, I crossed the border on a bus from Vietnam. My journey took around 8 hours and I met two people there, a French guy and a Chinese girl. Once we got of in Nanning, we realized that there were no tickets available for any trains that night, we had to wait till the morning to carry on to our destinations. We decided to share the cost of this night’s accommodation and reserved a hotel room with two beds. Nothing would have been strange about the experience if we

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Cocomama Amsterdam - 1st Boutique Hostel and 5 Star Hostel

Cocomama Hostel


When hanging out in the common area of Cocomama Amsterdam, make sure you say hi to Joop, the sweet hostel cat. Read more about Joop at our article about hostel pets. There are many reasons why Cocomama is recognized as a fantastic Hostel throughout many websites. And there are exactly ... More about Cocomama Hostel Amsterdam

Enjoy 5 Hidden Gems Dublin - truly unique!

Enjoy 5 Hidden Gems Dublin – truly unique!

Curious to discover some hidden gems Dublin? Keep reading, buddy, you have come just to the right place to get some unique 5 hidden gems for Dublin! Dublin is a great city which has not only good vibes but also the most known black beer and lots of live music ... read more

Trying Aperol Spritz for the first time in Venice, city of Refuge

Trying Aperol Spritz for the first time in Venice, city of Refuge

This short travel story is an excerpt from the new novel Exquisite Hours by Joshua Humphreys. Set in New York, Bangladesh, Bangkok, Venice, London, and Vietnam, Exquisite Hours is the story of Anaïs Spencer, a beautiful young woman who travels the world lying to men. ‘What brings you to Venice then?’ ‘I, Octavian, have always felt that I would end up here. And somehow I have, ended up here.’ ‘Is this the end?’ ‘Do you think it is?’ ‘How should I know? Taste that.’ She pushed the skewer back with her finger and drank. ‘That’s amazing.’ Astonished, she broke into

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6 Secret Things to do in Menorca - Local secrets for Menorca

6 Secret Tips for Menorca – Sunset, Caves, and Romance

Welcome to the beautiful island of Menorca. The little brother of the famous Mallorca is known for being less touristy, and more recommended for families, couples, and the tranquil traveler. Although Menorca is less popular, it doesn’t say anything about the quality. We are keen to share our 6 Secret ... read more