Winter is not coming, a warm Hostel Story
wallyard concept hostel berlin

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Winter is not coming, a warm Hostel Story

Going to Berlin on November was a challenge for me, since I’m not really an enthusiast of low temperatures. Me and my boyfriend started looking for hostels online, and found some incredible photos of the Wallyard Concept Hostel. We are attracted by places with great design projects, and this is one of the things we look forward to find on our trips together. Amazed by the decor of the Wallyard Concept Hostel, but traveling on a low budget, we booked a shared room for 4. We travel often, and sometimes the hostels are nothing like they look like on their website

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Secret Travel Tips Moscow

5 Secret Travel Tips Moscow – Insider Knowledge!

Nastrovje fellow traveler! Looks like you are heading over to the Russian capital?! And some secret travel tips Moscow always come in handy, right?! Oh, we envy you right now. Moscow, same as Berlin, is one of the most important cities of the latest century. It has taken an important ... read more

5 Hidden Gems and Travel Tips for Rhodes, Greece

5 Hidden Gems and Travel Tips for Rhodes, Greece

Let’s go to the beach! Rhodes covers everything a great travel destination can possibly offer – and since June 2015 it has its own 5 Star Hostel: STAY Hostel Rhodes! The team of STAY Hostel Rhodes is a true expert of the island. We picked their brains about great travel ... read more

CODE Hostel Edinburgh - High-Tech Hostel with 5 Stars

CODE Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

The CODE Hostel is a modern design hostel in the New Town of Edinburgh. It is modern in the sense of design and technology as well. A fresh young design hostel meets tech-nerds, combining it to a geeky 5 Star Hostel in Edinburgh! There are no bunk beds at CODE ... More about CODE Hostel Edinburgh, Scotland

The value of being spontaneous – Christmas Serendipity in York

Visiting a medieval town over the holidays should be a magical and postcard-like experience. However, the mad rush to buy all those gifts before it starts raining again is what I found in a recent visit to York in the northern United Kingdom. The retail stores have lines, the streets look like swarms of something scary, the restaurants are all packed to the windows, folks are dressed up like Vikings, and you can barely find a place for a nice scone and a hot tea. But, on our way to get a cab home after dinner at Drake’s, a local

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5 Secret Tips Edinburgh

5 Secret Tips for Edinburgh – Geeky & Non-touristic Tips

Welcome to Edinburgh, famous for its medieval atmosphere, its numerous ghost stories, and of course the night life. Edinburgh hides a lot of treasures of things to do. We unscrambled a few hidden gems to present you the 5 best local things you can do in Edinburgh. The Geeky Guide Edinburgh ... read more

Lille Gastama Hostel in Lille, 5 Star Hostel in Industrial Design

Gastama Hostel

Lille, France

Lille’s Gastama Hostel is a stylish, hip hostel in the historic part of the Northern French city. The hostel’s industrial design combined with its recycled furniture makes for an inviting and easy-going atmosphere. The 5 Star Hostel in Lille has its own stylish-designed bar connecting locals and travelers. Here you ... More about Gastama Hostel Lille, France

Varanasi, a City to Die - Travel Story India
Varanasi, India

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Varanasi, India: a terror attack in the city to die

I cannot imagine myself in a more awful yet interesting place than Varanasi. It is one of the oldest cities in India and the holiest city of Hinduism. Varanasi is also considered as Shiva’s favorite city which he never leaves. Above Varanasi hovers a mixed mist of smoke and fumes, so that at night no stars can be seen. The narrow streets are littered with garbage and feces, and cows, pigs, dogs and monkeys are roaming around. Drug dealers and pimps are standing near the Ghats, the stairs leading to the Ganges, looking out for tourists to scam. Many religious

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10 Hours of Big Boys fighting - Sumo in Japan

10 Hours of Big Boys fighting – Sumo in Japan

Japan is not only the land of cherry blossoms and sushi: it his also the home of sumo, a traditional fight that resembles more to a sacred Shinto ceremony rather than to a wrestling sport. We arrived in Fukuoka, Japan during the November tournament and bought a ticket to see some Sumo fights. We ended up spending a full day at the stadium and over 10 hours watching big boys practicing ancient ritual gestures and fighting against each other to be the last one standing on the Dohyo (Dohyo is the ring in which sumo wrestling bouts are held). When

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We need more white players! Am I a racist?
Barcelona, Catalunya

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We need more white players! Am I a racist?

“We need more white players!“ Yes, this is an original quote from me. Back in the days – jeez, this makes me sound so old – me and a big group of friends played football at least once a week. We play 5  a side so in total there are 10 of us running after a ball. All of us are from really different parts of the world, and we are a mixture of Barcelona Expats coming together trying to score goals against our own friends. 10 players – 10 nationalities. To make the teams, we usually have vests to

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5 Secret Tips for Lisbon - NO Boring tourist guide!

5 Secret Tips for Lisbon – NO Boring tourist guide!

If you are traveling Lisbon, you should get excited RIGHT NOW! The Portuguese capital is very beautiful, the culture is rich, and the list for awesome things to do in Lisbon is loooong! Lisbon is a precious city to discover Portuguese culture and lifestyle. In fact, you can experience the ... read more

Secret Tips Madrid

5 Secret Tips for Madrid – Outside the Tourist Box!

Venga, Madrid! We LOVE Madrid for its flair, culture, and nightlife! Madrid offers many culinary highlights, sights to visit, and bars to have your café con leche in the morning and your cold cerveza in the evening. The royal city in the center of the Iberian peninsula is one of ... read more