Welcome to Remedios, Cuba - a small Concert at a tiny Square
Remedios, Cuba

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Welcome to Remedios, Cuba – a small Concert at a tiny Square

We trudged through the streets of sleepy Remedios*, Cuba, our rucksacks feeling heavier under the midday sun. In search of a Casa Particular*, we stumbled onto the main plaza, where the town’s band was playing a slow march under the dappled shade of the band stand. The loud brass felt like a regal welcome, as though we were being rewarded for making it to this tiny place that tourists don’t bother with. The music was wonderful and I smiled at the thought that some experiences cannot be planned. They just happen and you have to simply enjoy the moment.  

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Lost in Translation? Not in Japan! The Short Travel Story from Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

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Lost in Translation? Not in Japan!

We’ve all heard about the kindness of strangers, but you’ll never experience it in quite the same way anywhere in the world as you would in Japan. During my one week stay in Tokyo, my brother and I ended up in the over-crowded Shibuya district looking for a well recommended restaurant by our friends. Now anyone who has been to Shibuya will know that finding a specific restaurant is tougher than finding a needle in a haystack. Needless to say we were lost, and what’s more worrisome in Japan is that you are always worried that your request for directions

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Local Tips Zagreb - 5 Tips outside the Tourist Box by Friends

Local Tips Zagreb – 5 Tips outside the Tourist Box

Are you looking for some local tips in Zagreb? Well, you succeeded, and you are just one click away from them! We, Anna&Matt, have been to Zagreb, and explored the city thanks to unique recommendations from our users, Swanky Mint Hostel, and befriended bloggers. Besides visiting the Poet who refuses ... read more

Morocco Desert - Our experience in the cold desert of Morocco
Desert, Morocco

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Sun Rise in the Desert of Morocco – Lasting Travel Memories

Travel Memories! We love to think back of our time in the Moroccan desert. Back in 2013 we were staying in the wild city of Marrakesh. It was loud, it was colorful, many different smells run through our noses. It was truly a wow-experience to get to know Marrakesh. One day we got the opportunity to hop on a bus to a desert adventure. It was a bus tour with local guides on their way to the far desert, stopping at a few small towns in the mountains. On the way we crossed the majestic Atlas Mountains, and there are

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Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage, the 5 star hostel in London

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage


Let us proudly introduce the Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage Hostel as our new 5 Star Hostel in London! The city of London is a serious British attraction and we at Hostelgeeks have worked hard to find you the hippest and coolest hostel in London to make your stay an even more ... More about Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage London